12 in 2 list – a time and money plan!

I‘ve decided if I’m every going to get this list done, I need a plan – to save the money, but also to DO the things I’ve listed.  Two on going task (bible reading and half marathon running) are both currently in practice.  As for the other 10, I’ll list them in chronological order.  Sadly one goal has been deleted, but it’s for the best reason!

Activity list Proposed date


Dinner at Quay Jan 13
Knife skills course May 13


Go on a silent retreat 3-14 July 13


Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb Sept 13

$218 – $298

Do Bridge Run (half way to half) 22 Sept 13


Go Jet Skiing Nov 13?

$300/per hour

Learn to Surf Nov 13 – 3 days


Dinner at Aria Jan 14


Read the new testament Mar 14


Run a half marathon May 14 or Sept 14


Plan and prepay funeral Nov 14


Zorbing Jun 13


+$105 in flights


You can see the grand total has omitted the funeral prepaying – it’s just such a large chunk… so I have to have $2k raised over 21 months, that’s only $95 a month.  I can surely find that!  I’ll now sling any ‘extra’ cash at the end of the week into an ‘adventures’ fund (remember, I put a set amount away every week towards my $20k goal to refinance my mortgage at the end of this year).  Here’s to getting fun stuff onto the agenda, but still meeting my savings targets!

Bucket list (beyond 12 in 2)

Thanks to Danny Dover, I have a longer bucket list!  I won’t set a deadline though!  And the list isn’t in a priority order either.


1. Visit every continent
2. See Machu Picchu
3. See Aurora Borealis
4. Visit tulip fields in The Netherlands
5. Go to the super bowl
6. See Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
7. Go to Burning Man, Black Rock desert, Nevarda USA
8. Go to (the original) Mardi Gras in New Orleans
9. Visit The Maldives
10. Visit Russia
11. Visit Serbia/Croatia/Bosnia/Romania
12. Visit Mauritius
13. Visit Ethiopia
14. Visit Oradour-sur-Glane, France
15. Spend Christmas or Thanksgiving in the US
16. Visit Vietnam/Cambodia
17. Visit Scandinavia (no more exact than that yet!)
18. Fly FIRST class
19. Stay in Igloo Village
20. Stay in a tree house
21. Live in NYC
22. Ride the bullet train in Japan
23. See the Golden Gate Bridge

Activities (that aren’t location specific)

24. Go zorbing (all the blue things are on my 12 in 2 list!)
25. Get hypnotised (ideally to solve a bad habit!)
26. Ride a segway
27. Drive on a race track
28. Go on a ‘big boat’ style cruise (maybe in retirement)
29. Fly on a trapeze
30. Swim with dolpins in NATURE (not in Dubai…:s)
31. Watch a movie at a drive in (if they still exist!)
32. Go jet skiing  (on the 12 in 2 list)
33. Get my palm read/fortune told
34. Make a gingerbread house (THIS YEAR!!)
35. Get body painted for an event
36. Go cave diving
37. Be part of a flash mob (thanks Moonwave for the tip!)
38. Complete a half marathon  (on the 12 in 2 list)
39. Learn the name and location of all the countries in Africa
40. Own a cello for purely decorative purposes (though I do know how to play, as does my bf..)
41. Own a luxury European vehicle (BMW, Audi or Mercedes)
42. Write my will
43. Prepay and plan my funeral
44. Learn to surf
45. Build a bonfire and make S’mores
46. Pay for someone else’s groceries (I LOVE this one, thanks http://www.lifed.com) Completed Jun 2013
47. Go to a silent retreat
48. Go white water rafting
49. Join the MHC
50. Get married
51. Have children
52. Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

Remember, not in any priority order 😉