Job hunting

Wow does job hunting dredge up so many yucky thoughts.

So many jobs that list tasks that sound dry and boring and not at all what i want to do.

Or a list of tasks that I have no experience in doing. Or I have some, but not all, and you can’t help feeling you’ve failed if you don’t tick everything on what is realistically their wish list!

Or a qualification I don’t have.

Or I have the qualification but not the level of technical proficiency they are seeking.

Then there’s development and overseas jobs. At first blush: adventure! At the second: one day, I hope to have a partner, have children.  Is this running away from being a grown up? It is tossing away established friendships (not even romantic relationships) to do something that will be physically uncomfortable, and emotionally challenging? It’s enough to return to looking for a nice office job. With that pesky list of tasks I don’t warm to.

One thought on “Job hunting

  1. Hi Sarah, I’m so glad to see you’re posting again! I was wondering how you were going. I’m glad you’re enjoying more time to bake, catch up with friends and “verge” at church (you’ve introduced me to a new term!). Take care and I look forward to reading your posts again, Kim.


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