Waste Wednesday update

Oh, it’s Wednesday again.  Best get my ‘crazy’ on weighing my rubbish!

Waste weigh in

Waste weigh in

A heavy week at 172g.  Third week in a row on the increase – bad Sarah!

There were some unrepairable sunglasses.  There was gluten free macaroni a friend gave me in its plastic bag (she’s so on board with what I do and don’t eat, it’s lovely).  There was a *cough cough* garlic bread wrapper from IGA – yes, me the gluten free pasta girl had a gluteny garlic bread.  Sigh.  There were block cheese wrappers, and band aid wrappers.  Really usual stuff mostly.

How I’d curb this rubbish?  Plastic sunglasses are probably always going to be a curse.  Pasta can be bought at the coop, but I won’t deny the gift.  I could make my own garlic bread (as the bf suggested) but this was a ‘I’m starving, I need lunch NOW without eating out’ purchase – if I was to buy bread, then butter it and garlic it, I feel like I really am putting a lot of effort in.  Of course, he’s right, I should make it at home… I make sweet chili sauce now, and grate cheese, garlic bread really isn’t a stretch now is it?

Short and sweet today!

12 thoughts on “Waste Wednesday update

  1. Oh gosh! I’m doing a ‘carb de-tox’ – protein only for 3 days. Now all I can think about is garlic bread 🙂

    The weight seems amazingly low to me each week. It will be interesting to see how things change when the BF’s on board!

    • Oh Fiona, sorry to tempt thee!

      The BF did say the other night ‘we don’t have to recycle and compost in our new place, right?’ And I gave him *that look*. My neighbour reckon rubbish duty = toilet cleaning duty. The bf and I both prefer trash, but maybe he wouldn’t if I impose the system I have now! And maybe he’ll permanently take toilet duty? Oh how one can dream :p

      I think if I continue to shop mostly (as I get off work earlier, and like to shop on a ‘as needed’ basis) then the choices might be left to me, and it’ll continue to be lower in waste. He’s even used the hankies at my house! Time will tell…

      • Oh no…I was wondering how the BF was feeling about the trash. That doesn’t sound like he’s on board but I’m sure you can change that.

        I think to most it’s just they don’t know about the actual outcome of what happens to our trash. When you throw things away, they become not your problem any more and that’s that. It’s kind of an ignorance is bliss kind of thing.

        Tim takes our containers up to the Whole Foods and customers come up to him and ask him what he’s doing and why he’s doing that. One women flat out said, I would never do that, it takes too much work. Which kind of reminds me of the situation here at the condo.

        Most times, we’re finding, that people don’t know they can bring their own containers. IF Beth Terry didn’t write about it in her book, I wouldn’t have either.

  2. That’s incredibly low, and I’m humbled. Great job! This reminds me of No Impact Man.

    Still have to get caught up on your blog, but thank you for posting this kind of stuff and providing a good example!

    • I must find out more about this No Impact Man – someone mentioned it to me recently (outside the blogosphere). These Wednesday posts are my little step at trying to stay accountable and do ‘my bit’ for the environment.


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