Is my house an Ikea showroom?

I really hope not!!

But then I thought, what is from Ikea?

So another photo essay it is.

PS none of the links are affiliate, but to help you should you want to source anything.  I’ve tried to link to Australia’s Ikea, as a more factual reference to the prices.

    • Bed – Malm Queen Bed in Dark brown, which I don’t think is a colour they still do
I think my bedhead isn't totally centred on the wall, oh well.

Ikea Malm bed with Malm hacked bedhead

Ikea Kasset blue

Storage underneath and my perfect bedside height

    • Box for elevating the fan (stolen from the parent’s house!) – the cute Hol – I love that lattice pattern and it’s stood up to many years of service!
Ikea Hol

I love the lattice pattern, and it’s strudily built!

    • Bedroom curtains – Vivan for the sheers (not shown below), and Sanela is a red velvet (which is out of stock, and the tops of mine are different to this new model), all on the awesome Kvartal triple track system
Ikea Sanela Red

More colourful than a hotel room.

    • Smalls storage – Skubb boxes, but bought years ago to fit in a wardrobe hanger thing
ikea skubb

On the floor of my wardrobe live my ‘smalls’

    • Lighting – the kitchen has discontinued and the living room has the PS Maskros
Ikea light fitting

Ikea’s flowery light fitting

      • Kitchen table – I bought this second hand from the old tenant, but it’s a Sanfrid table top and Adils legs (I think?)
The perfect table to compliment my stainless steel benchtops

The perfect table to compliment my stainless steel benchtops

    • Semi-armchairs – found in a thrift store, so I forgot they were Ikea’s Nils
Doesn't everyone have one of these?

Doesn’t everyone have one of these lamps?


The other chair

    • Salvaged trolley – from the kerb! But the real deal is the Bekvam
    • Magnetic notice board – sort of like the Spontan, but different
Bekvam trolley found on the roadside

The trolley was a kerbside find! The noticeboard was not

    • Lamp in the dining area
A thrift store find, but from Ikea orginially

A thrift store find, but from Ikea orginially

    • Lamp in the living area – I swear everyone has one of these, Dudero, it’s $15!! (Maybe it’s the cool name? Shown in the Nils chair photo above)
    • Second hand entertainment cabinet – the Besta, didn’t realise he was Ikea til someone told me (can be seen in the lighting picture above)
    • Side tables/stools – love the double duty Marius, and the limited edition teal colour of them
Ikea marius stool

Stool or side table, it works double duty for only $6!

    • Floating shelves in the entry way – those little Lack’s
Entry way with floating shelves

Entry way with floating shelves

    • Bathroom bin – love the shiny Rundel (til it’s not of course!)
Ikea Rundel bin

So shiny and easy to use!

    • Kitchen bin – so cheap at $3, you can’t go past Fniss (just why did I buy the white one?)
Ikea bin

Kitchen bin – with no wet waste, being unlidded doesn’t matter.

    • Stationary storage set of nine drawers
Covered drawers

Stationary etc drawers

    • Blue platters
A thrift shop find, and I love them true

A thrift shop find, and I love them true

    • Bedroom lamp shades (Jara)
Metallic bulb lamp base

Just the shade is from Ikea

What do you think? Do I have more than the average (keeping in mind, I was a ‘poor student’ until 2009)?

I’m pretty happy with the smattering of things I have, but I do wonder at what cost to societies and the environment where these things might have been made.

18 thoughts on “Is my house an Ikea showroom?

  1. I had tons of Ikea stuff when I was starting out, and now so does Link! I was really surprised by how long some of my Ikea items have lasted despite being moved so many times. For someone starting out, I would recommend thrift stores first, but Ikea is hard to beat, especially because of their design aesthetic!

    • It’s interesting home much Ikea you can get in thrift stores or second hand from freecycle! Some things are pretty durable, and usually the more ‘realistically’ priced ones probably.

  2. It all looks pretty cool, the way you’ve picked colours etc! (not too “generic” or anything.)

    Others might know more, but my impression was that Ikea is not too bad with sustainability? At least they give a materials worksheet on each product on the website, so if I buy anything there I try to pick the most recyclable options.

    • I’ve tried to pick stuff that’s not too likely to date (in colour or style) but who knows what will happen!

      I do think Ikea is pretty sustainable, when it comes to materials, with great recycling programs as materials. I am less sure about the workers and the conditions things are constructed in. There’s got to be a way to get everything so cheap, and it can’t just be in shipping efficiencies and the like? Maybe I just think they are too good to be true?

  3. Great idea for a post! Made me think how much we have – and we’re a long way from being poor students. For us, it is mainly furniture. Like a lot of people, we bought Ikea when we were students and starting our home together as a young couple. Just so much of it has lasted, as anexactinglife commented.

    I do like their design but as most of their furniture is made in China and much from glued reconstituted wood chip, I don’t know their environmental impact. I am now trying to only buy furniture made in Aust. or leather furniture from Italy or antiques.

    • I think most homes have some Ikea somewhere! My parents home isn’t super ‘Ikea’ry’ but they buy all their serviettes there, and have two desks from there as well as some shelves.

      I’m dubious about ‘Made in China’ too – but I bet it’s hard to find much made in Australia. Interesting you mention antiques – both the bf and I grew up with parents who collected them, and over time ended up in modern houses, with ‘old’ furniture. Seems it was very much in fashion 10-20 years ago, but perhaps less so now, particularly in cities. You still see a lot of antique dealers in semi rural towns though.

  4. I notice Ikea products immediately when I see them but you don’t have so much that it stands out. I love the storage boxes and have the CD boxes to store things in my place. I have one of their art prints, I’m drawing a blank at the moment on the name of my tall cabinet. I also have stainless steel drinking glasses – great for outside and the kids,and my drinking (glass) glasses came from there, and metal storage containers in the bathroom, oh and a couple of picture frames.

    My son lives near an Ikea so they have more than I do in their home, but really their things do last even if people call them cheap junk. My granddaughter has a Lack end table as her play table You can’t beat $8 for a sturdy table for a child

    When I buy from Ikea I look to see where the item was made. My drinking glasses were made in Italy so I don’t imagine they were made in “sweat shop” conditions. Also many of the upholstered pieces have to comply with the EU restrictions on chemicals, so here in the US while other upholstered furnishings have formaldehyde in them Ikea’s doesn’t.

    • You make a good point, being a Europe based/homed brand, I think Ikea complies to the far higher EU standards, which can only be a benefit to the rest of us! Actually a lot of their glass product – vases included, are made by ‘artisans’ it seems, at least according to the sticker.

      I know what you mean – those Expedit shelves/cupboards are almost always Ikea. You can’t go past them on price with things like those Lack end tables, you’re right – and with something you know might be destroyed in day to day use, why waste something more enduring?

      • The lack table shows no wear from being a play table and it’s taken a beating on some days.

        I was first drawn to Ikea for their small space ideas but find much to hold up well. Btw, my cabinet is a Hemmes which doesn’ look as obvious as some of their more popular pieces.

        • That’s great that it’s lasting so well. They do make great little ‘mini’ home displays don’t they? Although you’d have to be a demon with wall anchors and plugs, which still scares me. Hanging cabinetry is a step too far for me, to date!

  5. I have a few Idea (yes, I call Ikea, Idea) pieces in my condo. I love their small space designs the most and Tim and I love to go there for inspiration. I have a comforter, a duvet cover, bookshelves, end table, dishes, glasses and some silverware from Idea. The rest of my stuff came from a paint it yourself wood factory that is no longer in business. I miss them.

    Tim’s dad made our desk out of an old console TV. I don’t love the lines on it but because his dad made it for us, it will forever be with us.

    My couch and lazy boy are second hand. I bought them from a friend. I need new ones eventually but.

    • Hahaha cute renaming! Seems like you have minimal Idea stuff – certainly the smaller things, which make it less conspicuous. It’s a shame you can’t get that good, well made wood furniture anymore. Are you sure you’ll keep the desk forever? There might be other ways to remember Tim’s dad? I thought about a second hand couch, but my friend talked me out of it, scaring me with stories!!

      • Tim loves the desk. LOVES it! Me….like I said, not my thing.

        My couch and Lazy boy came from well known friends. I had new couches when I moved in here…and they were good name couches…but they didn’t last long. I actually gave my couch to my neighbor downstairs. She has a lot of my old hand me downs…lol.

        • Ah well, you win some, you lose some! The desk to stay.

          Love that your neighbours and friends keep things circulating – so much better than landfill!

  6. I’ve been burned before with the super-cheap Ikea products so now stick to the more reasonably-priced things. I have a few kitchen things like jars, a grater, glass bottles and bins, and some storage boxes.

    My doona cover also comes from Ikea, but it was in the reduced section they have at the end of the store. It was less than half price just because it had been on the display bed in the store. It’s a bit hit and miss, but it’s worth a look!

    • I’m interested to hear more about your ‘misses’ as I’ve not really had any bad experiences with Ikea save for the recent light debacle… And they’ve been great to be honest. Still, Ikea’s still crept into your home! I love the ‘as is’ section – I once had that 16 box book shelf from there – so much cheaper to buy a dinged version (cause I ALWAYS ding that stuff myself) than the original.

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