Zero waste & tissues

The hankie stash!

Remember a while back I was sickly but I had a miraculous recovery thanks to a nasal spray, which incidently has knocked my allergies for dead. I couldn’t be any happier. Plus, I had the nasal spray in my medicine cupboard, which means the ‘new’ spray I bought, I took back to the pharmacy and got a refund on!

Before the revival of the magic spray into my life, I was churning through boxes of tissues. There were tissue boxes by the sofa, on the kitchen table and on my bedside. Then a box at work, and a box or two around the BF’s house.

A little while ago, I spent the better part of a day making hankies. I bought two baby wraps and a sheet from the thrift shop (for a huge sum of $5 I think), and cut them into smaller squares (or rectangles/oblongs/weirdly shaped squarish things). All in all, I made more than 90 hankies! Every single one was double hemmed (as I didn’t have an overlocker). To make it simpler I ironed the hems, to make my sewing that much easier. Now I have a (paper) bag of hankies at my bedside, and by the sofa. The last lingering box of tissues is on the kitchen table.

So the loss? Well, the nasal spray is in a plastic contraption, so one day, it too will be in the trash pile.

Here’s some close ups:

Hankies macro hemming

A hem – done with two folds, so I didn’t have the overlocker and sewing machine to do these.


The pink is from a bedsheet, the white from a baby wrap

Tissue bag

When I did away with tissue boxes, I swapped in some swanky paper bags 😀 (my mother or brother bought something there, not me!)

To be honest, they aren’t yet as good as tissues.  For incidental use, tissues are soft.  And they ‘stick’ together nicely, which my hankies don’t. (TMI? Sorry!).  Anyhow, I’ve used these hankies to wipe up spills too, so they really are replacing tissues, but they are washed and reused.

Usually, on waste Wednesday, I check in with my weight of non recyclable rubbish for the week.  I forgot this morning.  No idea why, it was just a normal morning.  Anyhow, if you read this before I get a chance to go home, and weigh it, and photograph it, and update this post, count yourself lucky! (I’m pretty sure it’s not the highlight of anyone’s weekly reading :p)

11 thoughts on “Zero waste & tissues

  1. What a big effort! But one of those things you only have to do once to make an ongoing change! (we never used to buy tissues. the thing that changed it was visitors coming over and asking, “where do you keep your tissues?!”)

    • Sorry – meant to be “visitors with kids”…ie all kinds of mop up disasters! But you have plenty of time to plan ahead for that!

    • Didn’t want to an unsolicited drug rep, but it’s called Avamys. As my bf said last night “you sniffed through eight months of mornings” (and then some) and now I’m normal again!

  2. Wow! I’m impressed! I bought a bakers dozen of organic cotton un-paper towels. They’re great and super soft. I’ve actually liked them a lot more than paper towels. I wrap my sandwiches in them, clean up spills and use them as hankies. I even have these really pretty flowery hankies I got from grandma that I’ve been using. They’re not as soft as the un-paper towel but they’re pretty and the make me think of grandma.

    Having these around sure did help in the waste department.

    • I’ll need to look into these ‘un-paper’ towels. Super soft my hankies are not! Aww that’s so nice you have grandma hankies – I was surprised at the relative lack of hankies in thrift stores, which is why I had to make my own. That being said, I know my grandma would have a stash sufficient for the whole suburb!

  3. I use rags for cleaning up spills and have done away with paper towels. But hankies, I am not so sure. Maybe for sniffles, but not a full-on cold? I will try them eventually and decide!

    • You’re right Dar, I’m not sure about a full blown cold, but with 90 or so, I should be able to offset at least some tissues. Since the miracle nasal spray, what I thought was a cold was cured! Yay!

    • You don’t see a lot of jersey around here but I’ll be on the lookout now. And I don’t think you need to hem it either which would be a bonus


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