20 things about me (100th Post)

To mark the 100th post, I thought I’d let you know a little more about me… with a list of random facts.

1. I sleep with a teddy bear, Jessie, whom I’ve had since I was 1.  I’m 28 now.  She’s not doing so well.  But I love her (and now, I know the difference between her and she and he and him! Man did I struggle with gender pronouns when I was young)

2. I spent 7 years at boarding school in Brisbane, QLD, Australia whilst my parents lived in Vanuatu and Wollongong, NSW

3. I have a Cert III in Floristry, even though I work as an engineer.

4. I prefer trains to buses, but try to walk if it’s possible.

5. I’ve never drunk Coke in my life – well, not more than a sip.

6. Despite having typing lessons at 11 (in Vanuatu, no summer camps there!) I learnt more typing on MSN at 14!

7. I have 4 email addresses, I think…

8. I played both cello and trombone in school.  But not once since.  I don’t even really miss it.

9. I’m the eldest of three, with two brothers.

10. I didn’t get my full unrestricted drivers licence until I was 23 (and working in my career – seems like it took me less time to get a Bachelors degree!)

11. I’m liberal minded about almost anything, except illicit drugs.

12. I grew up wanting to be a pilot.  After I rejected the air force, and self funding, I thought I’d do forensic chemistry.  So… how’d I end up as an engineer?

13. I’ve never owned a car.  The one I share with my brother was inherited from my non-driving Grandma, and was ‘bought’ by my mother for $1.

14. I’m scared of swimming with fish. I’m not sure when I ‘got’ this fear, as I snorkeled up to age 12 in Vanuatu without any panic attacks, but since then… well…

School of fish - they are on the borderline of freaking me out! source:bennisinc.wordpress.com

School of fish – they are on the borderline of freaking me out!
source: bennisinc.wordpress.com

15. In school, I played: netball, hockey, water polo, volleyball & ball games (ain’t that quaint?), I also swam and was in athletics in primary school.

16. I’ve visited 34 countries (more than one a year, on average)

17. Back to cars, I’ve never hired a car.  I used to think it was to avoid the under 25 surcharge, but I’m no longer under 25

18. For years, I thought they said ‘Thank Peter God’ not ‘Thanks be to God’ after the gospel in church (silly billy)

19. I love to sing along to the radio in the car – the louder the music the better really!

20. I’d never want to be famous – I can’t imagine anything worse than my photo on billboards and in magazines, and being interviewed and the like.  Maybe that’s why it took me a while to get on the blogging bandwagon.

Thanks to anyone who’s come across from Cassie’ blog Tales and Trenches, and should you be looking for a brownie recipe only, I’d like to suggest mine 😉

29 thoughts on “20 things about me (100th Post)

  1. Congrats on your 100th post, Sarah! You could probably do a post each about all 20 of these. So how did you end up as an engineer? I am with you on #20. I think being famous would be a curse! Thank Peter God that will never happen, LOL!

  2. I’m also intrigued about how you ended up in engineering. It would be great to hear more. I’m also intrigued by boarding school! You’ve had a very varied life already, for such a young ‘un! (great record on the coke – wish I could say the same!)

    • Ah Fiona, the bf tried to thwart me with the Coke thing this past week – I took one sip (to clear the popcorn-ness) and otherwise abstained. I sometimes feel like I have done a lot for a young age – perhaps not a wise soul, but a very well travelled one!

  3. Oh – forgot to mention…we had a “thing” about Wollongong when we lived in Sydney. Absolutely stunning! We used to escape Sydney and pop out there as often as we could!

    • Oh I thought you were going to have a bad ‘thing’! It is lovely, and so much closer than Newcastle, where I’ve had to commute for work to.

  4. Congrats on you 100th post. I wish I could say the same about coke. I drank it like water until ten years ago when I decided it wasn’t good for my health. Once out of my system I tried a drink and nearly gagged it was awful.

    I sing along to the radio in the car, loud as possible, the one good thing about winter is I don’t have to worry if anyone can hear me.

    And definitely with you on being famous which also goes with winning a,lottery. Don’t need that kind of money and don’t want the headache that would come with it.

    • Yeah my mum was onto a good thing forbidding Coke (and KFC, but I eat that now :p) Oh, yes, singing in the car is a great pleasure, at least to the singer!! Even though I too, would not wish the lottery, I think just last night I started drafting a post on ‘what if’ I won different sums of money. Not likely, given that I don’t buy tickets, but it’d be interesting to work out what I think my priorities would be!

  5. Congratulations on 100 posts 🙂

    I’m totally with you on learning how to type using MSN. Sure, I had typing classes in school, but they didn’t hold a candle to trying to keep 5 conversations going at once on MSN!

    • Thanks GMD, gotta boogie to the little milestones! Ah yeah everyone’s had the coca-cola but me, but that’s ok. I have tasted it at least.

  6. Congrats on your 100th post – nice milestone there! I am totally with you on the coke – I’ve had one sip in my entire life where I decided I hated it. It burns my tongue! I don’t drink any carbonated beverages.

    I wish I could stand math and science, forensic chemistry sounds so interesting (anything forensic does), but I am horrible with those subjects. I definitely couldn’t be an engineer.

    I agree with GMD – 34 countries is crazy, I am jealous 🙂

    • Wow, burnt your tongue, that is extreme (but totally believable seeing coke is a penny and toilet cleaner!) Good on you for saying no to fizzy drinks, I can’t say I’ve come that far… though I probably could.

      Maths and sciences are no cake walk, let me assure you. I probably couldn’t have hacked all the dead bodies with biology, so I was hoping chemistry got me out of cadavers!

      Thanks for stopping by! I really enjoy your blog.

  7. Congrats on 100 posts! I love those get to know me posts. Scared of fish? wow the things you are missing in the underwater world! I don’t like very much when I swim and don’t see the bottom but the fish are pretty cool.

    • It’s weird that I used to like swimming with fish/coral and now it gets me anxious! But not seeing the bottom, that’s a whole new level of deep (or murky!)

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  9. I love the somewhat random things people pick about their life. What you have picked has me (and other commenters) wanting to know more. A $1 car, engineering, boarding while parents lived in Woolongong (was it too remote?), no coke in one so young??? You’ve teased us; we want details!

    • I’ve started drafting the “how I ended up an engineer” post today – it’s long! I’ll get cracking on the other “hooks” soon!

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  11. Fun Post!

    I’m not sure I’ve been to 32 cities, let alone countries. I need to travel more.

    I had a really bad soda addiction a few years back. Gave it up about 3 years ago when I was pouring it on a friends battery cables….and got her car started. That just didn’t give me warm fuzzy feelings to drink it after that. What’s sad is, the battery cable thing….I’ve seen it a lot as a kid with the farm equipment….it was weird how it hit me the last time.

    I have a problem swimming with the fish, too! But I try really hard to not think about it…until they touch me…then my whole beach experience is tainted.

    My first real job was driving heavy equipment….the boys in my class envied me because a lot of them were working at the pizza place or washing dishes. Today, every time we see combines or tractors…I want to ask the farmer if I can drive it. I’m a bookkeeper/administrative person and I ride a desk and I think tractors are sexy….LOL.

    • Some great factoids about you there! I’m ok with lemonade but thankfully it’s not an addiction (esp as I try to eliminate sugar from now til the end of July)

      You’re like my mum, she’d love to drive an excavator! She also loves mowing the lawn. There is something raw and strong with those things, I can imagine the attraction if you’re perpetually desk bound. I never realised how much I’d enjoy the escape that are site visits.

  12. Congrats on getting to 100 posts 🙂 I wish I could say that about Coke as well – but I have succumbed a few times while living in hot weather.

    I also got my license when I was older – just before my 22nd birthday, and only then because I needed to drive for fieldwork. In fact, my sister (two years younger), my brother (four years younger) and I all got my license in the same year!

    • It’s hard to say no seeing Coke is absolutely everywhere! Ah, we’re both late bloomers with the driving thing! I didn’t have anyone’s car to practice on when I lived in the Sydney CBD (and I also had less of a need)


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