Handbag Inventory

I recently shared what was inside my handbag, and Pauline from Reach Financial Independence wanted to know more about what bags I carried things in.  Yesterday I showed you them stashed in my buffet, recently repainted, at the front door. Here’s what’s in there:

The current ‘everyday’

It carries work files easily, and was a Christmas gift from my parents, after they saw how much I was wearing my simialr blue bag to death!

This was a limited edition in Winter 2012/13

This was a limited edition in Winter 2012/13

The collection of Longchamp bags

The blue was a long serving ‘everyday’ – perhaps for 2 years?  The black bag is better for smaller amount of stuff, so on weekends or evenings, where I’m not too fancy :p

The pale blue bag is the same size as the green bag

The pale blue bag is the same size as the green bag

“Walking around” bag

Great for markets or a longish walk where I need things, like when I walk to my hairdressers or into the city

This bag was found on holidays in Adelaide.  It's great when I know I'll be walking around all day

This bag was found on holidays in Adelaide. It’s great when I know I’ll be walking around all day

Sadly, showing signs of it's poor materials :(

Sadly, showing signs of it’s poor materials 😦

Luxury/evening bags

The teal bag is the first time I’ve ever thought to call something ‘buttery’.  The lining is the softest silk in a creamy colour.  Sadly there’s some pen marks, but it still feels divine!  Outside is a beautiful teal suede.  I feel in lust/love with this bag at first site in Jan 2006 in the streets of Paris.  As a lowly student, I’m not sure how I thought I could justify a 80 Euro bag, but I’m glad I did. (I think I attributed it to my ‘grandma birthday money’).  And I’ve never looked back and thought ‘why’d I spend so much on that bag’.  Every time I use it, I just adore it.

This was my first *big* purchase in Paris in 2006 (the year I lived in France) at 80E.  I've never once regretted the cost, it's delicious.

This was my first *big* purchase in Paris in 2006 (the year I lived in France) at 80E. I’ve never once regretted the cost, it’s delicious.

This little cutie was a whim buy at $10 in JFK as I was heading back to Australia. Nothing is that cheap in Australia, so I took a risk that it would match my dark grey evening gown, and huzzah, whilst it’s a different fabric, it tones pretty darn well!


I know some of my readers have no handbags, what about you? Could you do with more (!) or less? I think this is just enough for me!

17 thoughts on “Handbag Inventory

  1. I have 4 and 2 backpacks: a large Kipling messenger bag, a smaller oblong bag with an iPad pouch built in, two small evening size bags (non-fancy), one daypack and one large student-size backpack!

    • Now that you mention it, I don’t have any backpacks! I have two almost identical overnight bags which almost every Australian of a certain age seems to have, and that’s work at a pinch! Otherwise my handbags are pretty big.

    • Interestingly I like the big open space in Longchamps! At least in the bags lined it white it’s easy to see everything. The brown satchel had dividers but I cut (butchered) them out. I’d love to see your collecti

  2. What a great versatile collection. I have 1 handbag for everyday, 1 larger bag for work that fits files, 2 evening bags, 2 larger handbags that I use for overnight travel (love the idea of putting everything into 1 bag for a short trip!), also a carry-on sized bag for longer travel (doesn’t matter how long, I only ever pack enough for a week), and a backpack (day pack size so about 25L). That’s probably too many, but I use them all! Oh, and I love dividers in my handbag as if I don’t have them it takes me ages of riffling around in my bag to find anything! I chose my last handbag as it has 3 sections in it 🙂

    • I like that you’ve replaced the worn one and they are all in good condition! (I’m guilty of holding on to things too long.) I have 1 small evening bag and 2 day handbags (1 big, 1 small.) I also have a casual cotton bag and 1 sports bag.

    • Ah on dividers we’re divided :p I have two overnight suitcases and nothing bigger. Keeps things “carryable”! If I need more space I add those ubiquitous country road bags into the mix. But overall I think you’ve got a good number

  3. What a lovely bag from your parents, very classy.
    I got sick of a heavy handbag and bought a small one. It carries the essentials and I’ve never missed the bigger one.

  4. I have a white bag that’s shredding from overuse. And I have an ugly two tone bag that my boyfriend got me and I can’t throw out yet. And I have a backpack that’s discolored from how old it is and a white sports bag, both used for travel…. If I had money, I’d definitely get a bag, haha.

    • Welcome! It certainly seems like your bags have seen a lot of use! I scrub my foldable bags in the shower (I hate hand washing any other way) as they’re fabric. Could any of yours be improved that way? Ah the curse of ill suited gifts!

  5. I was never a purse girl growing up, or even through my early 20’s for that matter. I stuffed everything into my jacket pockets and went on my merry way. Only recently have I developed an interest in bags. I have 3 totes that can’t be closed at the top which are showing some heavy wear, and a beaded black evening bag I got at a clothing sale from a friend moving to Japan. I’ve been eyeing up the Longchamp bags for a little while now. I was worried that the nylon fabric wouldn’t hold up to the amount of abuse it would go through with me, but having held one recently I was impressed by how thick it was. One may find its way into my closet this summer.

    • Coat and jacket pockets are great, and I’m using them lots at the moment, but there’s no way I’d wear a coat in summer in Australia! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with a Longchamp bag if you’ve been using open mouthed totes – they are almost identical!

  6. The first bag is such a pretty color! I also like the last one – simple and elegant. I don’t really have much of a collection anymore. Throughout high school I never cared for bags, but for my graduation present my aunt got me a very nice Coach bag. I loved it – perfect size, neutral color to go with everything. I wore it out – the corners of the bag had holes in them.

    I can’t bring myself to spend so much on a bag, so I usually get cute ones from the thrift store ($10-$15) and have recently discovered this site called Just Fab. Most of their bags are $40 and good quality. I only bought two new ones so far and just rotate everything around.

    • Teal is a lovely colour – someone once told me it suits everyone’s complexions too.

      Interesting you mention the corners wearing away, the pale blue bag suffers that, but I love the colour and the size, so it’ll still get a long showing in summer. That being said, the darker bag that’s the same is so much easier to keep clean!

      I’ll have to look into Just Fab – though I don’t need anymore bags, except maybe to replace the one that’s falling apart?

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