What’s in your (bathroom) drawers?

Do people have the British sense of humour in my title.  Oh well, if not, I’ll just amuse myself with my dad jokes at the ripe age of 28 (and being a female!)

Here’s another look into what I have.  I’m not sure why I am so fixated on tracking and documenting everything, but I just can’t help myself – I hope you enjoy the sticky beak as much as I love preparing these posts, and then having them all there, on display!

In my bathroom, I have that lovely cabinet you’ve seen before, when I re-papered the back of it.

Over sink bathroom cabinet

Over sink bathroom cabinet

Well, in addition to that, I have a four shelf and four drawer skinny little cabinet (which came from Howard’s Storage if you’re an Aussie and you’re wondering).  I think it was a kind partial gift from a friend one year – meaning it cost me half as much!

The shelves of my bathroom storage - mainly for jewellery!

The shelves of my bathroom storage – mainly for jewellery!

Shall we dive in and see what I have where?

Top drawer

This is the drawer for hair accessories.  Back in the day, I had long hair that I always wore up.  Needless to say, since I shaved it, this drawer sees very little action.  But that’s ok, the hair is growing and one day Rapunzel will be jealous!

Before: Top Drawer

Before: Top Drawer

Second drawer

Not every day do I need ‘one night only’ fake tan.  Or the palette of eye shadows etc that Grandma gave me (I’m not sure I’d ever have bought a palette, but it sure is useful every once in a while!).  There’s even a stray nail polish in there – the others live in the sewing box near the sofa – which is where I’m most likely to paint my nails.  Which is… well close to never prior to the bf!

Lesser used make up

Lesser used make up

Third Drawer

If you’re ill, this is where you should start (if you don’t find it in my handbag!).  I regularly check this drawer and dispose of anything out of date.

The drug stash

The drug stash

Fourth Drawer

I like to keep mini bottles here, as well as a packing list (which is a pre-printed pad.  A little bit of an impulse buy but a helpful reminder).  The wrist watch hangs here too, as I only ever use it on long haul flights when my phone should be off.  Extra eye masks used to live here, til I freecycled the surplus.  I am hardly going to need 5 or 6, now am I?

Travel stuff: little bags and bottles and my wrist watch (seeing I only use it travelling)

Travel stuff: little bags and bottles and my wrist watch (seeing I only use it travelling)

What do you think?  Room to thin out my supplies more?  A few sneaky plastics in there, which you all know I’m not the biggest fan of in my quest for zero waste!

16 thoughts on “What’s in your (bathroom) drawers?

  1. I just keep necessities in the bathroom like soap and toilet paper; I have a “linen closet” nearby in the hallway for more storage like a first aid kit, sunscreen, and of course the towels and sheets.

    • Ah a true linen closet would be bliss! I don’t have any under sink storage, so most things end up in this cabinet that I’ve had for years (two houses before this one). It’s a pretty useful little thing!

    • Oh no Jo! Actually there’s a lot of plastic lurking in these photos too, now that you mention it. But I feel like I’ll ‘use it up’ and then look at alternatives with less or no plastic

    • Yeah it does help the visual clutter – though I do start to wonder how infrequently some things are used, and if I might be better off getting rid of some things. The ‘what if’ bug bites sometimes!

  2. I love this look into your “drawers” yes I got the pun. I look around my home and shake my head at being called a minimalist…until I see what others have. I can list everything in my entire bathroom: container with a razor, eyebrow grimmer, mascara and eyelash curler, two towels, 6 wash cloths, couple rolls of TP, container of baking soda and salt for my teeth, spray bottle of vinegar, jewelry box, BandAids, cotton swabs, 3 toothbrushes (two for the grand kids). On the floor is a basket of rags. Done.

    • Rest assured you are definitely minimal! I think once you know and compare to other minimalists or whatever name they might use (like simple living) it’s easy to forget that it’s still way ahead of the norm/average!

      Also some categories of items are minimal (like clothing for you) but not as much others. For example I have one paint pot – anything is lemon souffle or it’s not painted :p

      • Sarah, my home feels so full of stuff some days, but then I look around and realize its because I ha e several roles I live. Grandma means I need a box of toys and art supplies for the little ones. As a mother who has her youngest and his family living out of town and stay over when visiting I need extra blankets and dishes than if I were just me. Then repairing furniture I have my stash of tools, paint and the like I have to store.

        I guess what I mean is that I tend to apply the term.minimalist to those who don’t have a large family that visit which makes a big difference.

  3. Oh, you have everything so nice and neat. You inspire me!
    Thank you so much for reading my blog posts. I thought it so funny when I wrote up the one about Subway and Larry’s subs and you were like, we don’t have either so I don’t know what you’re talking about, but good for you. 🙂
    I’m a list maker too so I am liking your blog. It gives me so many ideas of what we can do to organize so that (God forbid) we don’t have to get rid of stuff. My husband abhors it when I clean out and get rid of…..well, just about anything. ha! 🙂

    • Argh we do have subway here I just never seem to eat there! Haha

      I think it’s a balance between organisation and minimal! I like to set limits on how much stuff I can have based on the place it lives – the drawer/cupboard etc.

      I still read all your posts via email, but don’t always leave esoteric comments!

  4. Balance, yes. Balance I think is so important and yet I lack it terribly. So you do have Subways there! Not missing much if you don’t eat there, just a sandwich. 🙂
    Thank you so much for reading me. I’m so excited when I see zero waste efforts around the world. It makes me feel like my little bit does count and if we are doing it all over, it must surely add up.
    Keep up the good work. So happy to be on the same team!

    • It is amazing to see different people aiming for zero waste – I feel like the only ‘young’ one, without kids, but it’s ok. May as well start good habits now!

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