One buffet, so many uses!

At the front door, I have a buffet with three drawers, and a cupboard with two shelves on either side.  It is the key to organisation in my house!  Shall we have a look what’s inside?

Top drawer

This drawer holds: church collection envelopes, my name tag, a small folding fan.  In winter it also holds gloves and delicate scarves.  It holds my ‘keep cup‘ (best business model ever – I don’t know anyone who works for a big company who hasn’t been ‘gifted’ one!).  A few pens.  My journal/notebook, some little post it notes.  I stash out of circulation keys too (like work car keys on weekends, or my shared car’s keys when it’s at it’s other home).

Before: Top Drawer

Before: Top Drawer

Top Drawer After

After: Top Drawer

Middle drawer
This is where I keep all my socks and hosiery – right opposite the shoes. It just seemed sensible and I haven’t yet thought of a reason why I wouldn’t want my socks here!

After: Middle drawer

After: Middle drawer

Bottom drawer

In an apartment, sometimes there is no ‘back shed’ or ‘basement’.  And I like to have things on hand for a quick fix etc.  So I store close to all my hardware needs in this one drawer.  Only some grouting and caulking tools live in my car space tool box.

Before: Bottom drawer

Before: Bottom drawer

After: Bottom Drawer (the Toblerone is 'hiding' (from me) during Lent

After: Bottom Drawer (the Toblerone is ‘hiding’ (from me) during Lent

4 thoughts on “One buffet, so many uses!

    • Thanks Dar – sometimes you just have to ‘make it work’ (and being lazy, there’s no hope of me traipsing back upstairs for socks every time I need them!)

  1. We are always traipsing upstairs for socks – makes so much more sense to store them downstairs near the entrance!


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