Finding a niche to blog about

Alright, I’ve found one – it’s the nifty little storage area at the end of my bedroom!

See the niche, at the back there?

See the niche, at the back there?

But that’s not what I meant. Niche… it’s such a fashionable word now. Was it always? Was everyone always trying to find their ‘niche’?

After a few months blogging, I’m wondering if I should have a niche, and what it might be, and, and and… (getting worked up there…)

Here’s my thought process:

I could be a personal finance blogger

But… I don’t have any debt other than my mortgage. Which I can’t pay off in record time, at least not this year, as it’d be penalised under the conditions of the fixed term.

Hmmm… and consumer debt?  Nope, none of that. I could try to tell people how to be like me (with respects to no consumer debt), but given I’ve never had any, I hardly know how to work from having debt to being debt free.

What about if I was a frugal blogger?

Well then I wouldn’t be able to enjoy life. At least this is my perception! I wouldn’t be able to enjoy a meal out, guilt free. I wouldn’t be able to buy a business class ticket on my European soujourn, just cause I want to. I mean, on the latter point, I saved for that ‘want’ that I identified as something I wanted to do with my life (and my money). And being able to afford things, including luxuries, well, I don’t want to rub that in anyone’s face. I am lucky. I am lucky to have the internet. I’m lucky I can read. I’m lucky I was educated, in education my parents paid dearly for.  And I’m lucky to be well paid for my work and spend it sometimes on frivolous things.

So that’s two strikes against personal finance niches.

How about DIY and home renovations?

My all time favourite blog is all about making their house beautiful – one day at a time. Both of them work FULL TIME to make this awesome blog. I work full time – not as a blogger. And that’s ok. But there’s no way I can produce enough content for a blog out of a 66 sqm loft apartment! Even if I quit work and DIY’ed to the eyeballs, there’s only so much I could rework.  I do treasure the tweaks I make, even the itty bitty ones. And that’s perhaps the ‘WHY’ of my blogging story – I started so I could share the ‘cool’ things I’d done. A bit like a kinder kid going ‘look mummy’ (except my mummy doesn’t know my blog’s URL!)

I can’t slot into the mommy blogger world – I have no children! (but I love those mommy blogs so much, so maybe that’s where I’m headed?)  I could have a biting sense of humour and a potty mouth (though that might be a little isolating to nice folk out there, cause I’m ‘nice’ too, I promise!)

So I think I’ll just keep posting about whatever enters my head, and hopefully someone will enjoy reading it.  For me, my goal is to have a record of my life.  An accountability ‘program’ to meet my goals’ and to see my progress.  And if y’all come along for the ride, and read and listen, that’s just swell, but if not, well, that’s ok too, but I’m more than happy to hear your thoughts!

14 thoughts on “Finding a niche to blog about

  1. Sarah, I started off with a theme, then found I wanted to blog about something else, new theme, the a new one etc.. I consider myself lucky because people keep coming back. 😊

    As for your favorite DIY blog, they are currently on house number three, I wouldn’t want to do all that work only to sell and start all over again.

    You bring me back often, so you ate doing something right for me lol.

    • Yeah churning through houses isn’t for everyone and they have to now that it’s more or less their job!

      I think you and I are similar (like some of our shared readers) in writing about whatever interests us, rather than be topic or theme specific. Maybe we’re an emerging indefinable niche!

  2. Hi from Tassie,
    What I love most about your blog is the variety. It is like a chat with a girlfriend, a bit of this and a bit of that. Blogs with a theme are okay if you are ‘into’ that theme but they can tend towards boring and repetative.
    Logging on and finding out what you have been up to is part of my post work relax.

    • HI Tassie/Claire, Thanks for taking the time to comment – I’m so glad you love my varied topics. I’ll keep it varied (though next week will be saturation of inventories!) Relax away whilst checking out what’s in my cupboards and drawers

  3. I guess I’m just a nosey-parker sticky-beak – I LOVE reading about the lives of real people, and finding out what makes you tick, and what’s important to you right now – and of course, in real life that changes all the time. I find I learn so much by peeking into the lives of others, and I think the blogging medium is unique in that people are sometimes more willing to be honest and upfront when writing than in an actual conversation. So if you just keep on talking about what concerns you, I’ll keep on reading!

  4. I think what I find most appealing is that you’re a single-income professional, no kids…a different stage of life to me and different qualifications. It’s interesting to get a peek into how you manage your finances and lifestyle. I learn a lot from your blog – not necessarily from “how to” posts – but more from observing how you run things. Plus I am certainly a sticky-beak and love the inventory posts!!

    • Thanks Fiona, I actually feel self conscious to tell people “how to” given I’m relatively young, so I’ll stick to more telling how I’ve done things, hopefully with no implied judgement! It’s certainly easier being without kids to be ‘crazy’ :p More inventories it is!


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