Zero Waste – Coffee Cups

There’s a twist to these weekly posts. I’ll still ‘weigh in’ but I’ll also share a zero waste changes with you, so you can get on board if something seems easy enough! This week, it’s coffee cups.

My bf loves a coffee, and you don’t need to twist my arm too hard to get one either! However, as I’ve mentioned before, even if all the parts of the take away cups are recyclable, there’s one better. A totally reusable cup! I’m pleased I’m moving away from this:

Trashed coffee cups source:

Trashed coffee cups

To this:

Reusable plastic keep cup

Reusable plastic keep cup

I can 95% recommend Keep Cup. (the other 5% is that the bottom of the cup is shaped a little like a wine bottle indent, making it an incy bit harder to clean than I’d like). Let me just say, I’ve not tried any alternatives, but I like that it’s light (being made of the big bad wolf, plastic), and it’s got a great lid that seals. A used cup in my bag’s not spilt it’s last drops into the protective zip lock bag, so maybe I don’t need to worry as much? And that one you see above, that’s for my bf! Yes, he duly noted it matched most everything in my life/house (check out the house tour if you want to see more), but that was strategic in case he rejects my generosity, I’ll have a lovely new cup!

The best thing is, there’s different sizes too! See I thought mine was big, but bf’s is *HUGE* (and there’ll be no complaints there!)

Reusable coffee cup

The new cup dwarfs it’s predecssor

I can’t help but share the cute, 100% recyclable packaging either:

Everything you would want in a cup! Even splash proof

Everything you would want in a cup! Even splash proof

And if all just seems too hard, this was a great thing I found when I was image hunting

Eat cup not keep cup... source:

Eat cup not keep cup…

Weekly Update
Now for my usual weigh in (for past week’s posts, head to my Zero Waste page)

This week something sad happened right before weigh in.

Broken glass on a concrete floor

Broken hearted… though my heart’s not made of Pyrex!

I opened the dishwasher and a precariously placed Pyrex bowl fell out and smashed.  Sad sad face.  That stuff isn’t recyclable, so it had to be trashed.  So I have a ‘pre’ weigh in at 95g – a mere 6g increase on last week’s adjusted total. Last week, I reported in at 112g, but adjusted down to 89g – see why

Before the accident

Before the accident

And a radically heavier weigh in at 607g (518g adjusted – making 512g a pyrex bowl and the associated vacuum fluff and glass shards)

After the accident :(

After the accident 😦

I’ll miss my smaller pyrex bowl and might try to find an op shop replacement. Otherwise I’ll be back to the outlet nearby for a new one.

Do you drink take away hot beverages?

21 thoughts on “Zero Waste – Coffee Cups

    • Ah, the water bottle – I think that’s a change I should make and haven’t yet. The only consideration I need to keep in mind is when I’m on planes, but otherwise, should be ok!

  1. I carry a travel mug everywhere and try not to buy coffee unless I have it with me. I am always surprised when I go to a work meeting, how many regular coffee drinkers buy disposable cups every day 😦 I have noticed in the UK that there is not much of a take-out coffee culture – if you want a coffee, you usually go into a coffee shop and sit there and have a break and drink one!

    • I found in France, too, it’s harder to get a ‘to go’ coffee (but easy for a baguette sandwich). I can’t believe my colleague, a desk over, uses a paper cup everyday (thank goodness there’s no lid). We have a cupboard overflowing with ceramic cups!?!? He knows my gripes, but nonetheless… We laugh abou tit

  2. What? unrecyclable? Is that because it is broken glass, or because it is Pyrex? I just bought more Pyrex dishes to store meat in the freezer. How depressing when something so useful breaks…
    I don’t drink coffee, but I have a double-walled insulated ceramic tea mug with a silicon lid. I love this, because as well as reducing waste, it is SO much nicer to drink out of a proper cup than paper, plastic or polystyrene. I took the cup on my recent plane trip, and they filled it up for me on the plane and in the airport, so that was nice.

    • Oh that is lovely – people are usually happy to help with my zero waste initiatives. I was worried about the ceramic one and it breaking (esp after this morning! also it’s a bit heavier in my handbag). But I do think it’s ‘better’ than plastic from a health point of view & resources too. I believe it’s cause it’s Pyrex it can’t be recycled, based on the way they heat treat them or something similar.

  3. I drink a scary amount of coffee but almost all of it is at home. At work we have ceramic mugs, too. For the car, I’m currently using an unlidded plastic picnic mug! I have had my eye on a “Keep Cup” for a while now!

    • Well I 95% recommend my keep cup – and there’s so many colour combos! Glad you’re a coffee fiend too! I’m actually have a tea now, sigh!

  4. I don’t get the whole take away coffee thing. I can’t see why you’d want to buy a nice drink to drink out of plastic or cardboard on the go. And as for sitting in cafes, the making of coffee is so noisy, all that grinding, noisy machine and banging of used grinds. So unsettling. But well done to you for minimising your waste.

    I actually don’t drink coffee at all. Love a nice cup of tea. Even the making of it is peaceful. I don’t buy takeaway as I don’t like it out of cardboard. Coffee shops are too noisy, and many don’t make nice tea. Too tainted with coffee or make tea like dishwater.

    I know what I sound like. putting up my hand to claim being a grumpy old stick in the mud.

    • Oh, it’s ok – I gather your before the 3 milky cups of tea :p And I actually totally understand the noise complaint about cafes – though, evidently, I wasn’t minding the plastic or cardboard to go cups (actually Starbucks do mugs which really impressed me!)

      It’s ok, I love equally, tea and coffee, and both tea and coffee drinkers are equally lovely

  5. I don’t drink coffee, but I love the idea of the keep cups. Quite a few of my colleagues have them, and the uni has no problems filling them up. I like the edible cup idea too – not practical but very cool.

    That’s too bad about your Pyrex bowl, I hope you find another one at the op shop.

  6. What a bummer about the bowl. I signed and said oh no when I saw the photo….

    Tim and I have been working on changing the way we consume many things. I just finished Beth Terry’s Book Plastic Free. It was fantastic. I have to say, we’re working on getting a lot of the plastic out of our lives.

    We’re going reusable on many things and after this stupid allergy respiratory infection thing I’ve had, we’ve really gotten serious about making our own chemical free cleaning products. It’s been a super fun experience and we’re really enjoying doing it together.

    So glad GMD mentioned you on her blog. It’s nice to have someone with a lot of the same goals.

    • I’m trying to work out what GMD stands for, I’m sure it’ll hit me in the middle of the night!

      I’ve got Beth Terry’s book on my reading list, from the library. I am more and more leaning towards less plastic, but as you’ll see in my post tomorrow, I’m not sure if I can go totally plastic free, but I’m replacing things every few weeks, to move away from wasteful stuff.

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