Foods I don’t like

Sorry to be Debbi Downer here, but hey, this is about my lists, and this is a list I actually have!  These ingredients are enough to make me skip over the dish containing it in a menu.  Or even find another recipe for that dish!

Now, the key to this is perhaps my readers inspiring me with recipes that might change my mind on these foods:


Coriander or cilanto = no, parley = yes, shame they look so similar!

Coriander or cilanto = no, parley = yes, shame they look so similar!

  • Coriander (o rcilanto) – absolutely positively NOT.  Tastes like stink bugs smell.  EWWW
  • Corn – I can manage it, but I will omit it from recipes.  but I eat polenta, and corn chips, so you know, I’m slipping it in there!
  • Chili – burns my mouth.  But, Economies of Kale’s Dosa recipe helped me try a little bit with chili flakes and I kinda liked it…
  • Mushrooms – soggy mess.  However I will add them to casseroles/stews etc where their taste is disguised.  But the texture is an issue too
  • Avocado – slimy yuck. Not enhanced by less than fresh sushi recently
Don't like fighting for my meat! source:

Don’t like fighting for my meat!

  • Chunky chicken – so, this is for any meat really, that makes me work around bones and sinew.  You know, like a chicken all chopped up at Chinese? I love the breast, but wings, no way!
  • Cucumber – hmm, actually it’s ok, just, in small doses.  Like in raita.
  • Sausages – that mouth explosion is just scary.  But I will eat a good quality sausage occasionally
  • Beef stroganoff – boarding school made this look like dog food, so you read ‘beef stroganoff’ and I read ‘Pal’ (a leading dog food brand)
  • Tomato (by itself) – slimy, often tasteless… I don’t know what it is.  I’m ok with bruschetta and tomato-y sauces (not ketchup, but you know, on pasta)
  • Plastic cheese – need I say more?  It shouldn’t be shiny.  You should wonder if the wrapper is still on it.
Plastic cheese

Plastic cheese (but just check out my image’s source:


  • Almond flavored stuff – I can manage almond, but almond flavouring makes me cringe, so I’ll just pass all that mazipan straight to mum.
  • Coconut – when it gets stuck in my throat.  I’m ok with coconut milk and cream, just not the dry desiccated stuff.
  • Cherry flavored stuff – love cherries, hate ‘fake’ cherries.  Why does it change so much?
Australian chocolate bar, which has both coconut AND cheery flavours!

Australian chocolate bar, which has both coconut AND cheery flavours!

  • Paw paw – oh my, this just tastes and smells like vomit to me.  And sometimes, I put it in my mouth when I mistake it for mango in a fruit salad.
  • Rockmelon (cantaloupe melon) – I’m just not sure, the taste isn’t right.  And another 8 years of boarding school having it available every single night probably didn’t help

So as not to make the mood all bad and sad, on Monday I’ll post my perfectly awesome brownie recipe, and that should see everyone on the up and up.


In other news

I read a number of personal finance blogs, because they interest me.  I’ve started interacting on a fairly regular level, and it’s landed me some mentions.  It’s the custom to acknowledge their links to you, and return the favour, so I thought I’d mention them back here! I hope you enjoy their content like I do.

Twice I’ve been a ‘top commenter’ on Kyle and Emily’s blog Evolving Personal Finance.  It’s nice to get mentioned and the link up for doing something I enjoy – commenting!

And, I’d just like to thank Pauline at Reach Financial Independence for including me in a Carnival of Financial Independance the other week, with my post discussing what to do with a payrise.

And in the not so personal finance sphere, some of my readers have shown me some love, mainly on my wardrobe inventory.  You should check out Kim’s count at Extra Organised and Fiona’s at Declutter

If I’ve missed mentioning you, I’m awfully sorry, send me a swift reminder via email or comments, and I can hastily rectify it for you!


What foods don’t you like?  What will you use to help you ‘deselect’ menu choices or do you always chose on favourites? Or new and interesting flavour combinations?

21 thoughts on “Foods I don’t like

  1. I’ll second you on Almond and Cherry flavouring, as for Coconut, it’s my least favourite food ever! It’s just disgusting (to me) 🙂
    I also really don’t like Moussaka – it’s the aubergines! 🙂

    • Oh great to hear you’re on board with lots of my sweet un-preferences. I quite like moussaka but I know that eggplant or aubergine can get slimy and sloppy!

  2. Thanks for the link love 🙂

    I had to laugh at the “Pal” comment! Also, I also cannot stand “plastic cheese!”

    My least favourite food ever is anchovies. I have to pick them off pizzas and avoid any food that has them embedded!

  3. I don’t like beef stroganoff as well, been doing six night shift (night staff will be given free food) in a week and beef stroganoff will be serve twice a week, the horror!

  4. That’s quite a list. My list of dislikes is pretty easy to cover. No canned veggies they are just mush and gross with a flavor that isn’t natural. Same goes for canned fruits with the exception of pineapple, which is gentler on my mouth if canned. Fresh or frozen are all I will eat.

    Can’t stand salty foods, most fish, but do like crab and shrimp. Crackers are like eating cardboard, and mushrooms make me think of chewing a rubber band.

    For the most part I stick to simple foods, I don’t like hot spicy things. If I want something to eat I want to be able to taste it.

    • It is a big list but somehow my mother still thinks I’m not the picky eater in the family – mainly cause I’ll eat most of what I listed but would just prefer not to!

      I’ve always thought calamari = rubber bands but I can totally see where you get mushrooms being like them!

      I’ve never had a lot of canned veggies, but on your recommendations, I won’t be rushing out to try thenm!

      • Put a bowl of heated canned corn on a table and I can smell it. We used to attend church dinners where my grandparents would have to ask to move the corn to the end of the table, away from me because the smell was so offensive to me. Yet I love fresh or frozen corn.

        • Wow, heated can corn is more potent than fresh heated corn – who’d have known!! Smell is such a strong persuader – especially when it’s so linked to taste! Lucky we live in globalised times, where we can get fresh or frozen so much of the time.

  5. Thanks for the mention Sarah.

    Fun post 🙂 I have to agree with you on rockmelon and I don’t know what it is either. Another for me would be celery – any food that takes more energy to chew than it gives me is wasting time! To date I haven’t liked coriander either however this year my sister used it in a rub on chicken along with a couple of other herbs and it tasted fantastic so this might be the only way I can eat it.

  6. You’ve mentioned quite a few of my favourite foods on this list – coriander, chili, avocado and tomato. But I’m definitely with you on the plastic cheese!

    I had an ex-boyfriend who felt the same way about coriander – he always said it tasted like stink bugs! I think you either love it or hate it. I just wish I could get it to grow.

    • I’ll eat guacamole, and bruschetta, but the ingredients on their own aren’t appealing to me!! Avocado is just too slimy and tasteless on it’s own…

      I agree, I think it’s a love or a hate coriander – such a strong reaction that’s for sure. Wonder why it’s so hard to grow?

  7. Just popped in via Declutterer – had to laugh at your comment about a survey not expecting a single person with no kids. Oh, how I know that feeling.

    And I share your dislike for many of the foods in your list. Like you, if I’m presented with them, I’ll do my best to eat them (except for cucumber because that just tastes too disgusting to me – I’m one of those people who can ‘really’ taste it) but I’ll rarely opt to buy them to prepare myself. I’ve heard a few times that coriander is like olives in that it is something of an acquired taste. It took me years to get to like olives but I love them now. And since I like the idea of coriander, i.e. keep finding recipes that sound fabulous that call for coriander somewhere, I do keep trying. Don’t often buy it myself but if I’m in a restaurant and it’s used as a garnish I won’t try quite as hard to not eat anything it has touched. The only time I do buy it and like it is when making salsa so that makes me think that I really can acquire the taste for it.

    As for tomatoes, if you find them slimy that’s one thing but tasteless? Have you tried home-grown, still slightly warm from the sun tomatoes? Some fabulous heirloom variety and not a perfectly round but low on taste type, that is. I hated tomatoes when I was a kid but when I started having to cook for myself I used to buy jars of ragu/dolmio to mix with mince for spag bol. Then I realised I could get tins of tomatoes much cheaper and make my own. Then my sister introduced me to her tomato tart recipe and although it took four or five years to get there, eventually fresh tomatoes became one of my favourite things.

    • Welcome Moonwaves! I think you’re right about acquiring tastes for things, I, too, didn’t like olives as a kid, but love them now (and my best friend as a kid loved them always, so it wasn’t an ‘age’ thing). So perhaps I will take on your approach with the coriander, at least when I’m out and it’s not the only thing to eat, and see if I can ‘grow’ to like it. Actually, another blogger I read mentions she continues to serve her children food they don’t like, as she knows it takes something like 12 tries to like things. She’s got a challenge to get them eating 2013 serves of vegetables & fruits over the year, and sneaks them in all over the place!

  8. I was a super-picky eater when I was a kid, but now I eat most things. Over the years I grew to like coriander, olives, mushrooms, raw tomatoes, and cantaloupe. Although I’m not eating meat these days, I would never eat any kind of meat that you had to eat off the bone, like chicken wings, drumsticks or (especially) – spare ribs! I don’t like shellfish such as oysters or clams, and my least favourite foods in the world are shrimp and prawns – I hate the texture! More weirdly, I don’t like rich creamy foods like whipped cream, sour cream or mayonnaise – but I have learned to like cheesecake 🙂

    • Actually, prawns are a hit and miss item with me. They can definitely be rubbery and tasteless, but done well, they are delicious! I seldom chose oysters, but when they’ve been given to me, I’ve been able to stomach one (provided it’s flavoured). I’m pleased you’ve learned to love cheesecake, I’m sure it’s a main food group in heaven! Sour cream is great, but the whipped cream and mayonnaise are both dislikes on my part – thankfully they are easy to dodge. I’ll definitely work on getting a taste for my dislikes, cause it’s never too late to grow out of something.

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