Waste Wednesday update

Would it be a Wednesday without a waste audit?  This is more about keeping me accountable and one day, zero waste, than entertaining you readers. However, I hope some people over time might pick up some of my quirks in their own life – and you might share some of your work arounds to make your household less ‘trashy’. (Oh i just love a lame pun!)

This week saw the bathroom bin long overdue for emptying:

Bathroom waste 22 May

Bathroom waste 22 May (626g)

Kitchen waste (in a parcel satchel):

Kitchen Waste on 22 May

Kitchen Waste on 22 May (245g)

For those playing at home, here’s this week’s weigh in and comparisons to past weeks:

22 May: 245g (0.54 Lbs)

15 May: 80g
8 May: 98g
1 May: 171g
24 Apr: 183g
17 Apr: 172g
4 Apr: 232g

Bedroom 340g on 1 May
Bathroom 626g on 22 May

Overall total = 2.147kg (4.7 pounds)

So a big week in the kitchen, which I’ll explain in my breakdown of what’s in my trash.  I’ll also look at what’s in the bathroom bin and look at where I can reduce!


  • McDonald’s straws and cup tops: BF had McD’s twice this week (and I had it once).  One time can be accounted for by his power being out and him picking it up on his way to mine.  The other time was a treat for lunch (I never said I was classy!)
  • Choc chips packet – a future post will outline my alternatives to this packaging and my reasons for retaining this wasteful choice
  • Silicon – the bathroom bin’s not been emptied since I did the resiliconing in the bathroom
  • Rags with silicon on them – no hope washing that stuff off
  • Plastic bags – the key to removing silicon from your hands
  • Lollypop wrapper and stick – from after my flu jab 😦
  • Cotton budszerowastehome says you should just do away with them.  I (re)use ear plugs every night, if I don’t remove some of the wax I’ll be churning through more earplugs, so…
  • Floss – is it plastic? In any case, I’m still working through the existing roll


  • McDonald’s food soiled cardboard wrappers
  • Tissues – my Sunday/Monday sniffles were excessive.  I’m using the hankies, but my need is greater than the public can handle in homemade pink hankies, though I have been using them a lot at home/in the car etc
  • Blister packs – namely from my lozenges

Overall, I’m ok with the weigh in, even though it’s higher than other weeks. The silicon is a necessary evil (unfortunately).  Blister packs are also something I have no work around for – other than to make my own lozenges, but I just can’t imagine them keeping well, and I wouldn’t be thinking of making them when ill.  Perhaps I can use up my last few, and then not buy anymore, and settle for hot tea.  Tea’s great, except when I’m running to site for work.  Tissues are on a slow decline, though I expect some use to continue when I’m without enough hankies, or I’m not at my home and I fall ill.  McDonald’s, is well, slack! But I’m not trying to change the bf, and I’m not sending him home with rubbish.  I figure it’s just best to be honest and accountable here.  Luckily the unsoiled items did end up in recycling at least.

10 thoughts on “Waste Wednesday update

  1. My largest amount of waste is what’s left behind by guests. My dil does a lot of take out coffee and leaves the cups behind, but like you its what it is, we can’t change them. I rinse them out and add to our recycling.

    • Oh you just reminded me, I was going to pledge to ONLY have take out coffee IF I have my multi use cup with me from now on, no excuses. At least coffee cups rinse and recycle – shame it’s a little harder to get that special sauce off the boxes (admittedly I didn’t try though!).

    • It’s so true – the last 20% takes 80% or something?

      Alas I’ve already broken my coffee cup rule meeting my mentor this evening! Tomorrow’s another day

  2. I have seen some recipes online for a honey and coconut oil based cold syrup, but you’d probably have the same problems with transporting it as tea. And I think tissues are fine if you’re sick.

    • Funny you should mention coconut oil – i bought some yesterday when I was visiting Coles. I’ve seen you use it bit so thought it might be worthwhile to have on hand. Cough syrup is a least a smaller quantity than tea – I’ll have to look into it! Do you happen to have a link?

  3. that is really good! I have had to dig a cubic meter hole to put waste since there is no waste collection and our main waste is beer cans, most food is fruits veggies and meat that comes with no waste. I want to see how long it takes us to fill that cubic meter, hopefully more than a year for two people.

    • Oh that’s totally interesting Pauline – beer cans are such a shame to bury, cause else where they can be made into new cans. But you have to work with what you have I suppose. You’ll definitely need to show some photos on your blog!


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