I am pleased to report that a day in bed did result in the book I have taken WEEKS to finish being ready for review.  The reason it took me so long to read is less about it being uninteresting, it just wasn’t a page turner, even though I learnt a lot.  I was reading The Paradox of Choice: why more is less by Barry Schwartz.

The Paradox of Choice - why more is less, by Barry Schwartz source:

The Paradox of Choice – why more is less, by Barry Schwartz

The lessons I’ll take away from this book are

  • be a satisficer, not a maximiser – don’t always try to find the perfect choice (I might also apply this to my work – near enough is good enough in so many situations, and not to beat myself up when I’m only ‘good enough’!)
  • use routines and limit choice where it suits – don’t endlessly peruse options.  Settle on less
  • don’t compare to others
  • realise that every experience/product is going to be amazing every time – familiarity breeds content.  But I won’t take it’s advice to enjoy the good things in life less, in case I get ‘used’ to them.  That’s just silly in my opinion!

In the style of Carla, of Half Dozen Daily, I’ll share the details of my illness and general life, rather than my usually themed posts.  Since Tuesday last week, I felt the start of a cold in my throat.   Sadly, I almost always have the sneezes, so that’s not a reliable enough indicator of imminent illness.  I suggested that I might take Wednesday off to sleep and fortify myself, and my mother reminded me how many sick days I’ve taken (in my opinion, not that many, but if she thought so, I figured colleagues might too).  So I continued to work last week, including getting the annual ‘flu vaccination on Thursday.  I had a rostered day off on Friday, which saw me up at the normal early hour of 6am to get to the flower markets to do the Pentecost arrangements at church.  I felt less than perfect, but chalked it up to an early start.

I’m pretty sure I got a nap in on Friday before dinner and some cocktails.  Then Saturday I spent a few hours at the coop learning how to be a volunteer (the idea was to draft a costs comparison post between the coop and my local IGA shops to publish on Monday, but alas I didn’t have the stamina on Saturday afternoon).  I was definitely feeling dry in the throat that morning, as I sipped bagged tea that the coop gets for free.  Sunday I woke very worse for wear – you know it’s worse than the usual allergies when the tissue box ends up in the handbag. (Yes, I have transitioned to hankies, but I was at the BF’s on Sat night, so I used what he had).  Anyhow, by Sunday night’s Eurovision party, I was blowing my nose every minute it would seem.  I purchased the pharmacist only Sudafed medicine, and after more than the recommended dose, I saw NO improvement.  Why, oh why, am I immune?

So I took Monday off work, which was a nightmare, as today’s work (Tuesday) needed me to be in three places at once, which isn’t possible.  Alas, the day off meant I saw the doctor, and she prescribed me a nasal spray (for $45!!).  I bought said nasal spray, opened the package, to find I had it already, in date, in my medicine drawer – grrr.  I’ve been seeing a new doctor since I moved into my own place, so that’s why she didn’t know.  I hate that sort of waste – financially, as much as the contents – I’ll never use two nasal sprays up esp when they are for a week’s use max, before taking a break.  The good news is…. it worked! I’m not 100% human – I still have a headache, and a weirdly dry mouth and nose, but it’s so much better than the minute by minute sneezes!

Anyhow, I hope all my readers are well.

13 thoughts on “Sickly

  1. Oh dear, I hope you’re feeling completely better soon! I’m recovering from a cold as well, which turned into laryngitis. I had 5 days of not being able to talk, could barely even get a whisper out! Look after yourself extra well.

    • Oh Kim, you sound really in the wars! I certainly don’t feel like talking, sadly my work means I need to do a fair bit! Soup all round I say!

  2. Sarah, glad you are feeling better. Not sure if this is helpful to you at this point. But we are advised not to get a flu shot if we are sick or think we are coming down with something as it will weaken your immune system ensuring you do get sick.

    As for the book review that sounds like something I would pick up to read as well. Like you I find the idea to enjoy the good things less to be a little dumb. Why not allow yourself the opportunity to fully engage in the moment. I surely wouldn’t want to stop and remind myself that I shouldn’t be having so much fun or shouldn’t be so happy.

    • Ah Lois, let’s enjoy the good things together, rather than worrying that their shine will wear off!

      Yes, I think on Thursday I felt ‘ok’ and went ahead with the jab. In hindsight, the writing was probably on the wall that I was getting sick.

  3. Oh, no – Sarah you definitely needed time off! Difficult though when the work banks up and you end up with more than usual the next day. I hope you are feeling so much better by tomorrow.

    The book sounds really interesting – another for my never-ending list!

  4. Well, here I was thinking maybe you were off on some lovely weekend getaway! I’m sorry to hear you’re not well and I hope you recover quickly. The book sounds good. I suppose I limit a couple of things. For example, I have an espresso maker at home, but I only make them on my days off, because I don’t want to get too addicted, LOL!

    • Oh a lovely idea – a weekend away! It’s on your kind cause you’re in London. Enjoy the trip! Aren’t you strong to limit your coffees – that’s willpower indeed.

  5. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better and hope you get back to normal soon 🙂

    That’s a great take-home message from the book to sometimes settle for ‘good enough’. I need to remember that!

    • It sure is Laura! Evidently not part of our pharmaceutical benefit scheme which makes some drugs (more) affordable. Thanks for the well wishes, I’m on the mend

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