Pantry inventory

When I say pantry, I do extend it to my fridge where I store condiments.  I won’t be listing the stuff that rotates through regularly.  Generally speaking, I keep a bare fridge, but a stocked pantry, with a varying level of stuff in the freezer (often leftover meals, and sometimes prepared vegies or similar).

Grains - the carbs bases of meals

Grains – the carbs bases of meals

Aborio rice
Brown rice
GF macaroni
GF spaghetti
Udon noodles
Mung beans
Brown lentils
Lasagne sheets
Felafel ‘kit’

Everything to make a cake, and then some!

Everything to make a cake, and then some!

GF Self raising flour
Self rasiing flour
GF plain flour
Plain flour
Buckewheat flour
brown rice flour
Chickpea flour
Dry yeast
Bi carb soda
Baking powder

Baking add ons (in the teal tray to right of the photo above)
Vanilla essence
Peanuts – whole
Peanuts – chopped
Sunflower kernels
Almond meal

“Sugars” see photos below, above herbs/spices
Brown sugar
Caster sugar
Icing sugar (powdered sugar)
Palm sugar (cubes)
Glucose syrup
Maple syrup
Goldern syrup

Canned supplies, with over height sauce bottles

Canned supplies, with over height sauce bottles

Canned supplies
1 x black beans
2 x cannelini beans
2 x coconut cream
1 x coconut milk
2 x anchovy tins
1 x tuna (HUGE)
2 x mussamun curry paste
1 x caramelised onions (such a cop out, but a great thing to have on hand!)
2 x tinned tomatos
1 x tomato paste
1 x thickened cream UHT carton (small)

Spices to the right and 'sugar' liquids on the other side

Spices to the right and ‘sugar’ liquids on the other side

Beef stock cubes
Taco spice sachet (another cop out!)
Ground gloves jar
Mixed herbs
Bay leaves

Spice rack with 3M hooks

Spice rack with 3M hooks

Spice ‘wall’
Cardamon pods
Cardamon ground
Chili ground
Chili flakes
Chinese 5 spice
Cinnamon quills
Cinnamon ground
Coriander ground
Cumin ground
Curry powder
Ginger ground
Mustard seeds – brown
Mixed spice
Paprika – sweet
Sesame seeds
Star anise
Vanilla beans

Sauces and oils - which are at arms reach, being above the stove

Sauces and oils – which are at arms reach, being above the stove

Liquid condiments – oils, sauces etc
Olive oil
Canola oil spray
Sesame oil
Peanut oil
Grapeseed oil
Rice wine
Red wine cask
White wine cask
Rice wine vinegar
Red wine vinegar
White vinegar
Balsamic vinegar
Tomato sauce – never eat this, but guests you know
BBQ sauce – as above
Sweet chili sauce
Kecap Manis (Sweet soy sauce)
Soy sauce
Fish sauce
Rose water

Fridge condiments/sauces
Speculoos paste (smashed up biscuits you get with coffee in Europe)
Crushed garlic – cause sometimes I just can’t be bothered!
Lime juice – laziness again!
Vegie stock
Seeded mustard
Dijon mustard
Ikea mustard/sauce thing
Olives – currently black AND green!
Parsley (in a tube)
Miso paste
Red curry paste
Shrimp paste
Tamarind paste
Kaffir lime leaves
Tomato paste squeezy (beats the one I have stored in the cupbaord!)

Tasty cheese grated
Parmasen cheese
Frozen raspberries
Puff pastry
Shortcrust pastry
Fresh kaffir lime leaves

Overall, I’m pretty content that there’s so few gluten-y items hiding in there, as I’m not really strict on trying to be gluten free.  My philosophy is largely not to have temptations at home.

14 thoughts on “Pantry inventory

  1. Everyone seems to be making lists of their stash of food. Your list makes mine look as if I haven’t shopped, maybe ever. just for an example, my spices include: nutmeg, Mrs. dash original blend, cinnamon, and chili powder. That’s it. I could live for months on what you currently have.

    • Hahaah I am inspired by other people’s posts! Your definitely a darn sight more decluttered than I am, that’s for sure! Interestingly, I don’t have nutmeg, and I don’t think Mrs Dash is in Australia. My stash could last a long time, but… not very healthily, as there’s little stored meat or vegetables.

  2. Perhaps because I’m in Australia, too, this is scarily similar (almost identical) to my list. We have slightly fewer flours / freezer goods but a little more baking (kid-style decorations.)

    • Maybe we’re just separated at birth :p I think that some ingredients are “new” to me since trying this gluten free thing more – so my pantry is more varied in some respects to my mother’s.

  3. I’m so happy to see this post, it’s great to see what’s in other people’s pantries 🙂 I agree with Fiona, there’s a lot of overlap between our pantries, maybe because we’re all in Australia!. What do you use mirin for? I have had some in the pantry (left behind by a Japanese friend) for at least three years, but have never been sure what to make with it.

    I also think I need more wine in my pantry!

    • Mirin comes up in strange (Asian) recipes. I’ll try to work out what exactly and let you know so you can use your stash up! The wine is largely for cooking – there’s other wine for drinking :p

  4. Lovely organization! You have lots of good savoury things. Where I live, we wouldn’t have mussamun, dukkah, or mirin…or vegemite, of course – we get marmite as an import!

    • Yeah Asian groceries become so ‘normal’ in Australia, whereas about 10-15 years ago you’d struggle to find someone who knew what they were! One of the great benefits of multiculturalism. Vegemite, whilst I have it, I seldom eat it as it has wheat in it – and it’s best on toast, another wheaty beast! Oh well… for the visitors?

  5. Love your pantry/list. I think my pantry food highlights just how little I cook from scratch. The only spices I have are paprika, garlic powder and fajita seasoning. When I make a curry I always use a paste – so lazy!

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