Waste Wednesday update

It’s Wednesday, must be waste update day! (Just envision a bleary eyed version of me, weighing waste at 6.20am in the morning.  It’s a sight, let me assure you!).  If it makes  your stomach churn (there’s only the one photo below) then stop by tomorrow for my pantry audit.

Waste at 15 May

Waste at 15 May

Weight at 15 May: 98g (= 367- 269)

The subtraction in the parentheses is because I don’t take out the trash weekly, so the number on the scale isn’t the week’s weight, but a few weeks.

And previous ‘weigh ins’:
Weight at 8 May: 98g (= 269 – 171)
Weight at 1 May: 171g
Weight at 24 Apr: 183g
Weight at 17 Apr: 172g
Weight at 4 Apr: 232g

Maintaining the lower number from last week, which is impressive.  Things in this week’s waste:


  • Plastic bowl: from farm fresh figs.  I didn’t have an alternate container in my car.  And there’s no recyclable symbols on it
  • Plastic salad lid: again, no recycling symbols.  My lunch on site (the bottom did appear to be recyclable though :))
  • Cling wrap: from half a celery from the green grocer
  • Plastic bag: from 1kg of tomato on sale at the green grocer
  • Zip lock bags: one has bacon in it, and I’m not 100% sure I can get it safely clean for use again.  The other bag was of low quality, so it got binned after a long service

Non Plastics

  • Tissues: there’s still a box lingering at home, and at work.  But hankies are in wider circulation, though I’m not enraptured, I’m allowing myself to adjust
  • Stickers: from fruit, and also from the salad

I’m happy with my progress, but a little frustrated at the same sorts of things always ending up in my bin!  And one of these days, I need to empty the bathroom bin, and that’ll see a spike in my numbers (and some more regular trash offenders!)

One item I diligently wash and recycle are take away coffee cups and their plastic lids.  I love a plastic lid (takes me back to a childhood of sippy cups perhaps), but I’ve cleaned up littered areas, and these things are SO annoying.  They are flimsy enough that they flake and turn into small pieces too hard to pick up.  Although they are largely recyclable, I can only hope that by putting them in the building’s recycling bins, I am ‘ending’ their life properly.  But I’m not naive – our building’s occupants really struggle to understand that plastic bags don’t go in recycling – no matter how many pictorial stickers are put up!  It really gets my goat.  Which brings me to:  would you rather trash something that you’re not sure is recyclable, or chance it and add it to the recycling bin?


4 thoughts on “Waste Wednesday update

  1. I trash stuff if I’m not sure. Our city has a number you can call and ask, but I find the staff are not that well informed! Whenever I throw out anything like that, I am filled with resolve never to buy anything like it again…until I find it’s the only way it can be purchased, ::sigh::

  2. I feel terribly guilty when I see your minimalist waste! Ours is quite epic, mainly because we get lazy with compost and send it to landfill (must make more effort to get our compost actually decomposing.) I usually “trash if in doubt.”

    • Remember there’s only one of me, not three (which means, well there’s no ‘policing’). I hate taking out the trash so this way minimises it! Yeah, doubts only add to landfill, but it’s better than spoiling a load of the recycling?


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