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There is something very very wrong with me, that I get excited about doing a clothing inventory! It was wonderful!  I was inspired by other bloggers and their recent posts: Dar at An Exacting Life with her Year-Long Wardrobe Project Complete! and Kim at Extra Organised planning her inventory, with a nod to her ‘number’ with her Life, Unplugged post

The inventory thankfully dovetailed nicely with my summer to winter transition, but being Australia there’s a lot of ‘all year round’ stuff – like singlets that layer under longer sleeves.  And jeans.  Without further ado…. (drum roll please!)

[Oh with respect to my photos.  They are horrible! No one will be asking me how to take such nasty photos, not ever.  Be nice, I live in a cave.  And it’s approaching winter here.  And the sun only really shines for 2 hours in my apartment, and both those hours I’m at work.  So… they’re my excuses!]

On the wall - scarves, jackets etc.  To the right, all my shoes (save a few pairs that are out of season and in storage in my wardrobe)

To the left – socks and hosiery are in the second drawer, gloves in the top draw, handbags in the right upper cupboard
On the wall – scarves, jackets etc.
To the right, all my shoes (save a few pairs that are out of season and in storage in my wardrobe)

Accessories, shoes & outwear = 64
Shoes: 20          (includes slippers, boots, thongs)
Hand bags: 7    (1 formal clutch, 3 Longchamp pliages, 1 ‘satchel’ style, 1 teal suede bag, 1 unused oversized tote)
Hats: 4               (cap, and 3 hats bought in anticipation for my head shave!)
Belts: 7              (cause I’m lazy and like to leave them in my pants/shorts etc!)
Scarves: 11
Coats: 4              (1 wool, 1 trench, 2 cheapies (grey, black))
Jackets: 9
Gloves: 2           (long leather & possum wool)

Summer folded wardrobe

Summer folded wardrobe (see detailed explanations of what’s what in the following photos)

Intimates = 147
Knickers: 45+       (you should see my list – the high number is due to YEARS of undie shortages through the boarding school wash system. From scarcity to hoarding! The plus accounts for some that are in the continental drift 😉 )
Bras: 14
Sports Bras: 4
Socks: 30               (9 pairs unopened, for future ‘circulation’)
Hosiery: 9             (5 pairs of stay ups, 3 pairs of footless tights, 1 pair of true tights)
House dresses: 9
Bed wear: 6
Winter house clothes: 5
Dressing gowns: 2 (winter, sexy ;))
Work out pants: 10 (includes all leggings, even if I wear them in normal circulation)
Work out tops: 9
Casual swimsuits: 2
Sport swimsuits: 2 (for playing water polo)

Wardrobe hanging section: Right to left: work shirts, work skirts, uniform, casual shirts, dresses, work pants, jackets, formal dresses

Wardrobe hanging section:
Right to left: work shirts, work skirts, uniform, casual shirts, dresses, work pants, jackets, formal dresses

Dresses = 16 (2 formal +2 piece outfit, 12 less formal)

Summer wardrobe top shelves: Top left - winter house clothes. Bottom left -  singlets, middle- short sleeved tops, right - skirts and shorts

Summer wardrobe top shelves:
Top left – winter house clothes.
Bottom left – singlets, middle- short sleeved tops, right – skirts and shorts

Bottoms = 38
Shorts: 3                         (denim, white, navy)
Skirts: 9                          (2 x demin – light and dark, 3 x striped – lime/white, black/white, pink/white, 1 x floor length casual, 3 x ‘going out’)
Pants: 4                           (white linen, 2 x beige, white dressy)
Jeans: 5                           (incl 1 pair of cords)
Work pants: 5
Work skirts: 8                (almost ALL the same style in different colours/fabric + 2 more casual/church appropriate styles)
Uniform work pants: 4

Wardrobe middle shelves: Top left - summer cardigans, middle - 3/4 length tops, right - long sleeved tops. Bottom left - jeans, right - going out skirts

Wardrobe middle shelves:
Top left – summer cardigans, middle – 3/4 length tops, right – long sleeved tops. Bottom left – jeans, right – going out skirts

Tops = 78
Singlets: 14                                     (aka tank tops or camisoles)
Short sleeved: 7
3/4 sleeved: 12                               (3 x geometric print, 2 x navy, 1 x teal etc – more variety in this category)
Long: 13                                            (2 x black, 1 x white, 6 x striped, etc – they go under ever thing in winter)
Cardigans/summer jumpers: 5
Dressy: 4
Work tops: 5                                    (button up ‘blouses’)
Thin winter jumpers: 6               (wool or cashmere)
Thick cardigans: 3
Uniform work shirts: 6
Waterpolo shirts :3

Winter folded wardrobe

Winter folded wardrobe:
Second shelf sees thin winter jumpers added to summer thin jumpers, more long sleeved tops to the right
Third shelf sees the addition of some thicker work out legging and cords
Fourth shelf adds thick cardigans, swapping out for summer dresses
Floor: Winter shoes still not on the shoe rack, and additional singlets (new)

Work wet weather gear and jumpers/jackets as they live in the car.  Scooter gloves and wet weather pants that live in a box in the garage – but I did include the scooter jacket as it lives in the house.


What could go?

Let’s be honest, for the last 2 years that I’ve had a uniform 4 days a week. The fifth day is either a rostered day off, or I go casual, jeans + almost any shirt!  So all that ‘work’ gear (18 items) is close to unworn mostly!  I have far too many socks, but some are out of rotation til the current ones die.  I also have far to many pairs of knickers, but I’m OK with that.  I’m certainly ‘into stuff’ when it comes to scarves, they just jazz up my wardrobe so much!  I used to have a handful of dresses, when I was studying at uni (with boys/men) so pants were more common.  There’s definitely been a recent explosion of dresses in my wardrobe which could be trimmed down a little.

General Observations

I complete a more detailed inventory listing EVERY item, and then adding them up.  What I noticed was there was a heavy use of certain colours: beyond black and white (and stripe and pattern with these two colours), there’s a lot of teal, navy blue, other blues and greens and grey.  There’s only 4 clothing items that are pink, and 2 or 3 scarves!  There’s nothing yellow, orange, or even red (save for a belt with one side that’s red!). Interestingly  I used to have a handful of res shoes, but evidently that phase is well and truly over!  There’s a fair bit of stripey action going on too!


I’ll definitely admit there’s more in my wardrobe than perhaps I ‘need’ especially seeing I wear a uniform.  However, when I travel, I realise I wash less often (and have less access), so I have ended up with a greater stock pile of ‘staples’.  I also have stockpiles of singlets, socks and knickers – all of which I’m more than happy with.  I know what I like, and I like to have them on hand, as they all ‘wear out’ from heavy use.

So how about you?  How do you go with your clothes?  I know Dar at An Exacting Life is only about 10 items more than me in her total.  Kim is down at 200! I have no hope of that.  If I was to do Project 333 (33 (or less!) items for 3 months) I’d need an annual count of 132 (pft, spluter, yeah no hope there!)  I wonder what mochimac at Spend Save Splurge comes in at, cause she loves clothes!

How do I pick what should be added to my wardrobe?  Well, funny you should ask – here’s all my clothing likes and dislikes.  And I did a whole post on my handbag collection.

17 thoughts on “Clothing Inventory

  1. Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever owned that much clothing in my life. You don’t want to know what I own. All my clothes minus under clothes and coats/gloves fit on one shelf in a cabinet.

      • Congrats Lois! I think I’m straddling a generation where I have the disposible income to buy all this stuff. And the consumeristic society that tells me I need stuff. Even still, I like to think I’m minimal, but clearly I’m not (and could be a WHOLE lot more minimal with clothes!). For me, I appreciate that everything fits easily in the space I have – if I had half the space, I would probably trim more. Actually I often wonder what would happen if I had to share my wardrobe (the previous tenants did it!)

        • It is hard to straddle that line. I was raised by my grandparents who had lived through the Great Depression. They were very vocal about wasting money on too much and only having what you needed. When I hit six pairs of shoes my grandfather nearly lost it. I could explain the need for each and every one, but he saw it as wasting my money.

          • I can imagine. Actually, when I read on Unclutterer forums years ago about shoes, I scurried home and counted, and was shocked to have 25 pairs!! I still have more than I need if I’m honest. Women seem to be ‘forced’ into more shoe varieties. Runner, heels, flip flops or sandles in summer, boots in winter. And then I have specialist work footwear. Then there’s slippers. And if I’m honest, two pairs get 95% of the wear!!

  2. Oooh, I’ve been waiting for your post! I am as excited as you to inventory 🙂 I particularly like your entry area and how you have set it up.

    Now, my count of about 200 was substantial clothing-only pieces. So I didn’t count shoes, accessories, underwear, PJs etc. But I did count all clothes which included leisure wear, motorbike clothes, hiking clothes etc.

    I’m putting up my clothes count post soon and I’ll list the guidelines I used. I’ll also link to your post if that’s OK. I plan to inventory every area, like shoes, etc, like you’ve done, and I’m sure I’ll scare myself with my final total! This activity really makes you think doesn’t it!

    • Oh Kim, a link up to my blog would be a-ok, hope you don’t mind me linking to you either! It’s so interesting – I went home gleefully yesterday to do it! I’m shocked by some ‘totals’ like socks and jocks! I’ll await your post with bated breath!

  3. So happy you did this, Sarah! I think a lot of people with minimalist/decluttering tendencies will read this and think it’s a lot of clothes. But I bet you have only about 1/4 of what the average woman in her twenties would have! And none of your clothes look like the bought-on-a-whim, expendable type. I think that 20 in the footwear category is very low compared to most people. One thing to consider is that you may change jobs in the future and not have a uniform any more, so I would probably hang on to those work clothes until they are entirely out of fashion! I also think the teal/green/blue focus makes everything nicely mix-and-matchable!

    • Thanks Dar! I’m still at the “look sexy” age, rather than more settled like my mother is (though for SURE she has more clothes than me!) I think to when I saw a Canadian friend’s wardrobe – I had never seen so much stuff in one room! I wondered how she decided what to wear and then how she found it in all the neat piles.

      Admittedly I wear all of it, as soon as I realise I’m not, it goes (except for work clothes and fancy pants stuff). And the narrow color palette delights me – makes travel all very coordinated 🙂

  4. This is such a great idea, I think I’m going to do it too (plus I’m on an inventory kick at the moment!). I’ve been meaning to go through my clothes brutally and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, so could easily take photos at the same time.

    I don’t have as many clothes as you, but I think that is mainly because I have never had to wear “nice” clothes to work, and I also live in a warmer climate, so don’t really need winter clothes.

    • Yeah, I was surprised I had so many things. And there are a few warmer things than I would have if I still lived where you do! I considered photos of each item but it seemed overkill (with so many things).

  5. Great post! I love how precise you were! I counted my clothes on my blog, Recovering Shopaholic (, but I didn’t get as detailed as you did. Now I feel inspired to dig deeper…

    I think a lot of women have the number of clothes we do (my total is very similar to yours). I don’t wear a uniform, but I work from home much of the time and don’t need so many clothes. The inventory is a good step, as awareness is power. I tracked what I wore for 2 years and it was VERY enlightening. I still bought too much, though, so I’m getting tougher with myself this year. I started my blog and later committed to Project 333 (started in April and posting weekly updates). It’s challenging but I’m learning a lot about myself and my wardrobe.

    I wish you the best of luck with your wardrobe! I hope you post an update at some point, as I’d love to read it.

    • Thanks for stopping by – I visited your blog today after one of my readers posted her inventory and linked to you!

      I’ll definitely update – probably when I next take a holiday as I usually shop it up then. I already feel self conscious since posting (a few short days later), as I saw so much ‘pretty stuff’ when I was in the city yesterday that I wanted to buy. Thankfully I was without my wallet so I didn’t buy anything. But I started to question ‘why’ I can’t have more, provided I wear it all…

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