Waste Wednesday update

Sorry for my AWOL’ness.  Work got busy, basically, and I hadn’t queued posts 😦

Waste at 8 May 2013

Waste at 8 May 2013

Found an ‘old’ stash of tissues that hadn’t migrated into the bin, so whilst I’m over to using the hankies, these are ‘old’ (and there is still some tissue use). I wish I could get a handle on my allergies. I’m SURE I didn’t have as many allergies before I tried to limit my gluten and lactose. Maybe I’m making it up, it’s hard to know.

Here’s how I’m tracking:

Weight at 8 May: 98g (= 269 – 171 from last week – I don’t empty the trash weekly, as none of it is wet/smelly/icky)

Weight at 1 May: 171g

Weight at 24 Apr: 183g

Weight at 17 Apr: 172g

Weight at 4 Apr: 232g

It’s another good week, but I spent a long weekend in Brisbane – where I met one of my regular readers! I also realise I didn’t take home my waste for take out sushi for Tuesday lunch, now the plastic wrapper on my cheesecake (though I did ask for no bag/box, and ate it like a heathen walking around!).

The round out is dull – there’s tissues, some chocolate wrappers (from working back on Monday night)… Dinner last night generate no ‘trash’ – just the onion skin, and the pumpkin and spices were all in the freezer/cupboard. Yummy pumpkim soup too.

Short and sweet – over and out.

8 thoughts on “Waste Wednesday update

  1. Good to have you “back” – I’ve had a week a bit similar, haven’t had a chance to be inline much. Great going with your waste – very inspiring!

    • Definitely that kind of weather! Even better that I had all the pumpkin pre chopped – I just put it all in the saucepan, went for a run, and came home to nice hot soup!

    • I keep thinking it must be dust. Or being horizontal? Every time I’m lying down (going to bed or even waking up in the morning) I have a stuffy nose. Interestingly, my brother has had similar symptoms for years and years… And he has eczema, so many skin issues are hand in hand with nasal congestion?


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