Waste Wednesday update

**Sorry, despite my best efforts, this published prior to the latest updates. Hopefully this won’t cause too many issues.**

Look what I discovered at Coles! (My local IGA doesn't have this)

Look what I discovered at Coles! (My local IGA doesn’t have this)

Here’s the last few week’s progress on the kitchen bin:

Weight at 1 May: 171g

Weight at 24 Apr: 183g

Weight at 17 Apr: 172g

Weight at 4 Apr: 232g

I also emptied the bedroom bin at a weight of 340g

A round up of the latest trash additions:

Non plastics (or mixed material)

  • Fabric offcuts – the bits that didn’t make hankies.  Once I realised I had ‘overage’ I adjusted sizing not to waste anymore

    I spent the best part of Friday (rostered day off) hemming hankies!  Now to wash and start using! The BF thinks my grandkids will inherit unused hankies, I've made so many.

    I spent the best part of Friday (rostered day off) hemming hankies! Now to wash and start using! The BF thinks my grandkids will inherit unused hankies, I’ve made so many.

  • Blister packs – from my pill packet & painkillers – no hope of alternatives there
  • Silicon arm band – from a concert recently, not even sure why I ‘had’ to have it, they made every volunteer have one
  • Silcon from the vacuum, redid around the bath on the weekend
  • Ice cream wrapper & stick – yep… not sure there’s a way around that foily bag
  • Reeses cup – greasy paper cup plus the plastic wrapper.  A gift.
  • Insect repellent impregnated pads and foil wrappers – I’ve moved to a liquid dispenser, so less rubbish less often hopefully
  • Butter wrapper – after using it to grease a pan
  • Band aids – is there any real way around this?


  • Yoghurt pots – stolen from the work kitchen fridge.  Actually they were out of date, it’s a community service from my cleaning it out.  Anyhow, I don’t usually buy non reusable yoghurt containers.
  • Tea box wrapper – just silly this is.  I should look at loose leaf teas in the future, when I master some of my other waste offenders.
  • Pen – it’s not working anymore, so it’s just trash 😦
  • Retractable pass holder – it stopped clipping onto my work pants, so it’s use was flawed.  These fail far too often for my liking, and are all mixed materials.  But carrying the pass in my wallet or pocket aren’t as reliable.
  • Salami packet – will start to buy at deli soon! (UPDATE: did that yesterday!)
  • Membership card – I’m fighting this company from sending me monthly magazines, when I conquer that, I’ll work on membership cards that I never need or use.
  • Toothbrush – this was the cleaning toothbrush, so a long and illustrious life. But it plan snapped in half
  • Sticky tape – removed from a folder, so the folder can have a new and improve use hopefully
Death to the cleaning toothbr

Death to the cleaning toothbr

Regular Offenders

  • Tissues – I’ve purchased a sheet and two baby throws, cut them down to size, next I’ll hem them and have a HUGE stash of hankies!
  • Matches – still in the trash for now?
  • Plastic bags from food – from corn flakes (which I could look into bulk buying), cheese (found a deli near the BFs and they are happy to accept BYO containers to fill), oat cakes (found a recipe to make them!), brownies (could have been taken to Coles form the top picture), Rice noodles (should see if I can buy at the bulk co op store)

So overall, a bigger overall total, and a little more in the kitchen bin since I started ensuring trash generated at work from my eating etc, was added in.  Don’t want to be rigorous at home and lax at work.

Pleased to find a way to recycle plastic bags from cereal and the like, though I’m dubious at how successful the program really is – you know people like to put trash in whatever bin, even when they are special purpose.  Suggestion, as always, are welcomed.


6 thoughts on “Waste Wednesday update

  1. Your lists are saving me from doing an invenntory, but we have all the same things. I’ve never tried the recyclable toothbrushes, but I know they’re available. I wish there was somewhere to bulk-buy cereal BYO container.

    • It’s been a labour of love! Finished the last 26 tonight, now I’ll wash them all overnight to lose the op (thrift) shop smell, dry them and then see how they go!

  2. That’s great to know that you can recycle all of those things – I had no idea. Although, like you said, it’s a bit dubious as to where they actually end up.

    The hankies are a great idea 🙂

    • At least giving then back to Coles I’m trying to do the right thing, they’ve just got to hold up their end! It’s just not likely I’ll be free of ALL packaging plastic so this is a happy compromise.


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