Brightening up a bathroom cabinet

Whilst trawling the internet in the last week, I was inspired by a project where someone backed their bathroom cabinet with a decorative paper.  It struck me as such an easy, cheap and renter friendly update.  All you need is a sheet of nice wrapping paper – mine was about $7 for a sheet.

Bathroom Cabinet before

Bathroom Cabinet before

Then I remover all my products, and the glass shelves.  I put the sheet of paper up to the cabinet to know how much I needed to trim off.  (I might have overtrimmed… oh well… what do they say about measure twice cut once?).  Then I placed a few strategic pieces of double sided tapes on the cabinet, pressed the paper in. It looked great, and took next to no time at all.

Bathroom Cabinet after

Bathroom Cabinet after

Shame I didn’t take a photo from a greater distance, the paper I chose nicely matches the colour of the mosaic tile border and floor tiles in the bathroom. Happy coincidence there.


10 thoughts on “Brightening up a bathroom cabinet

  1. That looks really nice 🙂 I am a little bit obsessed with mould at the moment (damn shower in the kitchen with poor ventilation!), so have to ask if there’s a danger the paper will go mouldy.

    • Definately a chance! I did think I’d contact over the top – you know the plastic adhesive they cover library books with? But so far I haven’t.

      I hate mould. My parent’s place has rising damp and falling damp and damp in the middle seriously! So pleased to have a more stable environment in my place


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