Film Review: Identity Thief

**Firstly, thank you to all those new readers out there. I’m not sure how or where you came from, but you’re most welcome! Tuesdays are review day – usually books, but today a film**

Somehow, reviewing a film is far less academic that reviewing a book.  And then I picked a comedy… sigh.  Apologies – I just haven’t been getting into the latest book on my reading pile Unbroken by Laura Killenbrand (who also wrote Seabiscuit). I did get a little more read on Sunday night, but there’s no hope for a Tuesday review!

Sunday week ago, the BF and I went and saw Identity Thief.  I’m not widely known as a comedy movie fan, but for some reason, the premise of a female stealing a male’s identity just seemed, quirky!  And given the BF LOVES comedy, well I figured I should offer up the films I was willing to see before I became a negative Nelly, always nixing films that I absolutely positively would not see!

Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman) receives an innocuous sales call offering credit card fraud insurance from absolutely free.  Naive as he is, he hands over his identifying details to Melissa McCarthy, who then becomes none other than Sandy Patterson!  From here on in, I’ll use the actor’s names, otherwise, this will get totally confusing!  Jason only suspects something when a beauty salon in Florida calls to confirm his appointment.  Next, the police arrive at work… It just snowballs as one would expect.

Jason is unable to escape the ‘crimes’ of his double and is told that the laws (being across states etc) make it difficult and lengthy to resolve identity thefts.  However, if Jason was to bring Melissa back to Colorado  then everything could be tidied up, including Jason getting his job back.

Whilst this movie is a comedy with so many great lines and laugh out loud moments, it brushes past some interesting issues.  Melissa uses the money to buy friends, and happiness, however fleeting.  She had multiples of the SAME appliance (at least her taste stayed the same?)!  Consumerism, to her, seemed to be the solution. However, in true Hollywood style, Melissa finds a friend in Jason, and his family.  Everyone say ‘awww’ in unison now!  Sometimes, a little light hearted comedy is just what you need.

Interestingly, my aunt was a victim of identity theft a few years ago.  It seemed to me that the bank tried very hard to discourage her and her hopes of recovering the funds taken.  However, as my father is in banking he assured her that the bank had insurance for these events and she would not (in the end) be out of pocket, which proved to be correct.  The thieves were incredibly crafty – setting up Paypal accounts in my aunts name, selling non existent products on Ebay.  My aunt got some very interesting calls from buyers who never got their paid for products.  As a result, my aunt had to change and pay to un-list her number.  She also had to change her work email address, given it had been publicly listed and the disgruntled customers were able to find it and contact her.  I’m not sure how the theft occurred – but given my aunt lives in a high density building and area, it could have been as simple as mail being stolen from her letterbox.  It certainly makes you wonder…

Any film recommendations? I know I’d like to see Warm Bodies, and Trance.  Even Zero Dark Thirty (but perhaps not in a cinema, somewhere I can pause!) Perhaps Anna Karenina, but I feel I should read it first, but that might never happen. In any case, I think the BF might sit that one out! Or any brushes with identity theft?

5 thoughts on “Film Review: Identity Thief

  1. No horror stories, luckily, although one of my credit cards was stolen from a piece of furniture in a moving van, it was used to purchase a $750 limo ride, and my credit card company twigged that it wasn’t typical of me 🙂

    • What, you don’t take a limo to work? What’s wrong with you :p It’s great when credit card companies catch things before they get out of hand, that’s for sure.

  2. My wallet was stolen last year and the police warned me about identity theft. Luckily the thieves were more interested in buying cigarettes and McDonalds than stealing my identity. It was still a bit scary though.

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