Long weekend’s to do list

Yay for Easter.  Un-yay for my parents and BF both being out of town.  Alas, the devil makes work for idle hands, and that’s the last thing we want on an Easter weekend.  So I’m forward planning some activities (and, to beef things up, I have listed all the other things I’d like to get done in the near future too!)

DIY stuff

  • regrout bathroom tiles: It’s all yellow :s  And when I did around the bath, I was not a pro, and it looks horrible.  So I will start with the walls, where I can practice without the added complexity/yoga poses, and hopefully brighten up the whole bathroom.
  • make cushion covers: I forgot I bought some fabric shopping with mum one day, and seeing I’m a ‘use it or lose it’ sort of girl, I better get them into a useful shape soon!  As for the other bit of fabric – I don’t have a plan for it yet…  Suggestions welcome it’s only about 1.5m long by 1m wide, if that.
  • paint damaged wall – I moved a canvas print, and it caused some marks on the wall from the adhesive 😦  The new picture in it’s place doesn’t cover the stains, so I’m going to paint the wall – luckily it’s the smallest wall in my apartment!
Stamp Map of the worldA source (not the original): http://www.designpoi.com/2010/11/stamp-map/

Stamp Map of the world
A source (not the original): http://www.designpoi.com/2010/11/stamp-map/

  • make a map of the world with my stamp collection – a pinterest inspired project (just found this wonderful site, that’s broken it down into a how to for me!)
  • complete contacting the base of my bins cupboard under the sink
  • change shower head back to un-eco-friendly for better temperature control

Nerdage (aka technology based stuff)

The Zippy Shaz (named so due to her SHZ numberplate)

The Zippy Shaz (named so due to her SHZ numberplate)

  • List scooter for sale: It’s been so long since I’ve ridden it, and even though I have crash damage (x 2 – once I was on it, once it was just parked), I’ll see if there’s takers.  It’s just wasting space in my car park, along with all the gear…  Got to this early!
  • Work out podcasts/music downloads on my phone. I’m so un cool, I’ve never had a ipod or the like, and so I’ve missed out on music for years now.


  • See a movie: Maybe Broken City, or perhaps Great Expectations, or I give it a year, or Lincoln.  Perhaps even Oz: Great and Powerful
  • Watch 3 episodes of Gossip Girl
  • Read in the park or hang out in a book shop
  • Invite my brothers for dinner (and exchange easter eggs!)

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