Blog giveaway

The tiny parcel of give away goodness!

The tiny parcel of give away goodness!

I was lucky enough to **WIN** a blog giveaway lately, thanks to Fairy at organised castle.  Generally I don’t enter giveaways, unless I’m sure I need what’s on offer.  So Fairy was offering a surprise, I was a little dubious. I shouldn’t have been – her blog aligns nicely with mine, all about making do and being frugal and having less clutter.  And sure enough, her giveaway gift was right up there with utility and style.

organised castle's Peg Bag giveaway

organised castle’s Peg Bag giveaway

What was it you ask?  Why it was a peg bag! Fairy’s pretty handy with the sewing, and she might have ever reused fabric from her thrift store shopping – who knows.  It’s a lovely shade of lime.  (I’m not being tongue in cheek – my pantry/linen closet is also lime – by choice!)

Pantry and Linen closet

Pantry and Linen closet

I need to find a coat hanger than fits in it a little better – perhaps mold a wire hanger a little better?  Here it is with a ‘normal’ plastic hanger:

Peg bag with my usual coathangers

Peg bag with my usual coathangers

It seems just a little too big, as you can see from the fabric straining. Thanks Fairy – next I need to load it up with my pegs!


6 thoughts on “Blog giveaway

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  2. Hi Sarah

    Glad you liked the bag. I chose the giveaway carefully as I wanted it to fit with the philosophy of my blog. I have also done a post about it over at my blog. A standard wooden coathanger will give you the best fit for hanging the bag. If you don’t have one you may find one in the op shop!


    Fairy xxx

    • Thanks Fairy – I’ll be sure to drop by my local op shop a few blocks up and see what he has in the way of wooden hangers! I liked that you suggested I could put rags in it – definitely need a better way than the current box of them in the bottom drawer – every time I grab one, I seem to grab 100 and disturb the order!

    • Thanks EK – I didn’t like the font and the balloons floating all over the place. And I like that I have ‘sidebars’ now too. Glad to introduce the two of you – it is nice to find some local blogs for so many reasons, they know the products/laws/rules/climate etc PS I had another of your buckwheat pancakes for b’fast!


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