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I found the coolest little comparative ‘site’ run by my favourite bank – Ubank. It’s called People Like U.

It’s so cool to compare yourself to others – that’s why there are blogs and reality TV shows of course…  But I just can’t imagine how much data crunching went on to analysis all the data from NAB and Ubank to bring together such a spiffy little viral website.  I mean, any bank could have done this, it’s not revealing any state secrets in the agreegated data. And there’s the option to ‘update’ the information – and this is gold to both the bank – but also to the bank’s clients.  The stores or companies listed bank somewhere, and it might just be with NAB (the traditional big 4 bank that owns Ubank).

Ubank's People Like U Source:

Ubank’s People Like U

There are less than 10 people like me – based on my age, gender, income, own/rent & living siutation (alone vs couple vs family) and suburb.  It then tracks ‘me’ vs others on spends in categories.

It was interesting to compare myself to my boyfriend (who alerted me to this gem), and how it thinks we spend on different categories.  Obviously, it knows nothing about me (like how much I’ve travelled).  What I find puzzling is in the drilling down in categories:

Source: People Like U Shopping profile

Shopping profile

Are Australian’s really shopping THAT much at Nordstroms and Bloomingdales – they aren’t even in Australia!  And if they are in the top three, how much are we, as a nation, spending?  What is Ouffer anyhow?  But then you can drill into another level and this is what you get:


Fashion details

It’s interesting how they have ‘preferred’ and ’emerging’ brands. And are these ‘brands’ clients of NAB/Ubank? Or is this truly where we spend the most frequently? Of course, click on any of those square and you head right to google (surely it’d be more magical for the brands if they went straight to their brand’s homepage), still, there’d be people ‘winning’ (to channel that horrible man) from this little gimmick!

Then in another layer (pressing the top right little lightening bolt) you get your bills vs the rest of the population:

Even if you’re not Australian, I think it’d be fun to have a look at how this all works. Have fun!

**This post is not endorsed or sponsored. Yikes, I’ve been blogging for a few months, I’m not sure I’m a blip on anyone’s radar! This is just something I found fun, and lines up with my list making/goal setting/spend tracking habits, so it seemed to fit for a post! **

8 thoughts on “People like U

  1. That is really cool – I tried it out and there are 147 people like me. I spend less on rent (even with my current increase) and more on groceries than the people like me 🙂 And also way less on travel – apparently people like me spend $500 a month on travel!

    • Glad you enjoyed it as much as me. It’s interesting to compare! You must live in an area of PhD students, like yourself, making more people like you. Both mine and my boyfriends were only 10 people like us!

  2. This sounds fun; it does look like the banks are using sponsored links, though! I don’t think my bank could track my spending very well because I take out cash and pay most of my day to day expenses without using credit or debit cards.

  3. Hey SaraHN & readers, Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on PeopleLikeU. I’m UBank’s Digital Director – my team created PLU ….in fact, they’re working on Phase2 of the site right now, so always good to get thoughts from the people it was created for 🙂

    re “are these ‘brands’ clients of NAB/Ubank? Or is this truly where we spend the most frequently?” – the results aren’t skewed at all by clients of NAB/UBank: it’s powered by over a billion de-identified bank transactions from over 2.5 million consumers and then weighted with Census data to be representation of the entire Australian population. No skews, no bias, just real spending habits! …oh, and no sponsored links either – we just wanted to experiment with how we could safely give the power of big data back to the people who created it – you guys!

    Keep an eye out for more features and functionality coming in the next few months – we’re working on making it even more useful, usable and fun.

    Thanks again for having a play and sharing your thoughts.

    Jen 🙂

    PS: I use it for my first trip to Bali, to discover places to eat and drink – even I was surprised just how well the recommendations matched my taste. Try it next time you visit a new city (in Australia or overseas) – or even profile your parents to find a spot that they would enjoy?

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