In sickness…

And to improving health!  I’ve been off work most of the week with a cold, as I’m a big believer that rest is the cure to almost all things.  And as per my mother’s strict childhood guidelines, I spent at least the first half of the day in bed.  I was so thankful to have printed out a chicken and chickpea soup a while back, so that I could rustle it up on Tuesday (after my lovely dad dropped by a chicken, as my local grocer doesn’t offer them).  However, my humble home does not have internet.  I have my phone, so I can check my emails and facebook, but I don’t really read recipes, or blogs or the like, from my phone.  It’s just too hard.  So thus the radio silence.


In that time, the lovely Dar at anexactinglife nominated me for an award (two awards, one award with two names, I’m totally not sure). Nonethless, I’m so honoured, given I’m such a new blog (though a long time commenter on a number of blogs – well a long time for me!)  So thank you so much for the kind link!

The rules of the award are listed at the bottom of the post, but I shall continue forth with it’s prescriptions here.  Now it’s time for 7 things about myself

1. I have a degree in engineering and arts in international studies.  I also have a Cert II (and almost a Cert III but I didn’t finish the work experience requirements) in Floristry

2. I’m not an animal LOVER (to be clear, I’m not a hater either, I’m just pretty ambivalent)

3. I used to collect birdcages – I just love the structure and form.  However, I downsized from 7 to 3-4 and am looking to suspend them from my double height ceiling in a little corner.  How I’ll do this remains a challenge with a concrete ceiling!

4. People always find me contradictory – not what I say, but who I am and what my values are.  I can’t for the life work out how or why though!

5. I can’t help but always try to divide this by that – so if someone says ‘I saw 56 movies in 4 years’ I try to work out how many a year etc etc… it’s just instinct!?

6. I go to church every week, almost without fail.  But I keep my faith, otherwise, very private.

7. I really do not have a plan in life – either career or personal life.  Despite being ‘a planner’ and being organised, I’m a little unsure of what and when.  On Saturday, a childhood friend of my brothers mentioned she sees a fortune teller when she’s at a crossroads in her life, and I’m starting to think maybe I should give that a whirl.  Even if they are only telling me what they think I want to hear, I’m curious to know what this person might think I want to hear!

Now for my ten nominees (who I TOTALLY do not expect to jump through the hoops if they don’t want to – it’s surely as much about increasing people’s awareness of different blogs out there!)  Sadly some blogs I loved have disappeared from my ‘bookmarks’ and I’ve lost them forever 😦 If only I had a better memory!

1. 71toes : A lovely SAHM who inspires me with her love and happiness.  Her children are also totally gorgeous (and she’s an awesome photographer).  One day, I hope I’ll have as delightful a family!

2. My 1/2 dozen daily: such a prolific sewer and blogger, and incredibly frugal but upbeat.  No matter how many times she writes that she lives in Canada, I still think she’s in England – brain malfunction!  Sadly I can’t comment on this type of blog – some Google Chrome/Typepad interface issue 😦

3. 365 less things: This is where my daily appeite for blog reading started.  I’ve been lucky to meet Colleen in person, and whilst we’re a generation apart, reading her blog helped me declutter to simplify my move from my parents place to my own.  And I love Cindy’s guest posts every Wednesday.

4. Young House Love: A DIY family blog that seems to be #1 worldwide!  Ok, perhaps not, but they seem to pop up everywhere, and they are often my first post read for a day.

5. Clover Lane: Another SAHM who I found due to her decluttering efforts.  Again, I just love a snapshot into other family’s lives, especially big families

6. A blog about love: Some how I tripped and found this delightful blog – reading their ‘story’ through their emails back and forth are just amazing (and maybe make me reflect on a little less amazing life), but still, it’s like an epic love story!

7. Zero Waste Home: As the name suggests, an amazing Franco-American family who have a ridiculously small eco footprint with waste.  I’m inspired by them, and continue to wonder just how I could be more like them.

8.  Go Gingham: Well she shares my name (if not spelling) and is wonderfully home made, no nonsense mum.  She really is a perfect balance of pragmatism and fun, with responsibility for the earth thrown in there.

9. Reach Financial Independance: A lovely French personal finance blogger (who write in English) living in South America.  She’s inspired a few of my recent posts on money.

10. Penelope Bell: A bright and cheery country ‘girl’ (she’s my age, we’re still girls right?)  for rural Queensland, Australia who is an incredible artist and fashion designer.  She always brightens my day with her beautiful posts and sometimes an accompanying water colour.

And that marks a diverse collection of blogs I enjoy reading!

1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Add The One Lovely Blog Award / The Very Inspiring Blogger Award to your post. **I hope this just means the images?!**
3. Share 7 things about yourself.
4. Pass the award on to 10 nominees.
5. Include this set of rules.
6. Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs. **I really don’t want to pester people with this ‘chain’ style thing…. hmmm***

4 thoughts on “In sickness…

  1. I hope you’re feeling better now. I was also sick last week and whipped up a batch of chicken soup for the first time ever (after being a vegetarian), and it seems to have done the trick. Thanks for sharing the facts about yourself – it’s great to get to know you a little better, and it’s comforting to know there are other people out there without a plan for their life.

    • Magic chicken soup! I’ve never eaten quite so much English spinach (which I used in mine). Definitely on the improve but these things always seem to take forever to improve to 100%

  2. I hope you are feeling better, too. Ha ha, I thought I was the only person who was not an “animal lover” – I have 2 cats, but I am not a real softie when it comes to all animals. I look forward to checking out your favourite blogs!

    • I was a little sneezy this morning – and it’s the perfect morning to be sick – all drizzly and cool here. I must check out the links you provided too!


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