Make a list of house projects – January Cure @ Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy dropped off my radar (probably the n’th time Chrome lost all my bookmarks to be honest) but now that I have re-found it, I’m oh so delighted for their January theme!  Day 1 was Make a list of projects

Well you don’t need to tell this girl twice!  But I thought I might share January 2012’s list, then May 2012’s list and today’s list.  Anything with a ? following it isn’t a definite project, just a thought.  Oh and I’ve listed from recent to less recent lists.  I’d hoped to get some more photos of finished projects, but no such luck.

Today’s list (Jan 2012)


– Empty out box (which means I’ve DONE Day 2 of the cure!)

– Tidy/declutter drawers

– Tidy/declutter shelves

– Install small ledges for displaying things ?


– Regrout corners

– Get bath resurfacing fixed


– Open shelf lighting?

– Pantry lighting?

– Wall art

Living room

– Frosting on the windows

– Replace blinds ?

– Sliding Screen door


– nothing!


– recarpet?

– complete ‘hide the niche’ project

May 2011

I did this in a matrix form – with four boxes – hard and easy, and cheap or $$.  I thought this would give me a better ‘balance’ on what to do, so I didn’t feel like I was leaking money, but still moving forward.

Easy & Cheap

Recolour damaged dining chair legs (easy, just found the product, bought it, rubbed it on)

– New toilet roll holder (it was old and dingey like my soap dish) (impossible to find ‘new’ toliet roll holders that have two mounting points like my existing one – project abandoned)

– New wardrobe handles (why would I have no standard spaced handles? All handles are 96mm apart (from hole to hole), and mine… are 100mm.  I don’t want more holes in my wardrobe that much, so again, abandoned)

Easy & Pricey

– Window screens (in the last month, so Dec, I DIY’ed on for the hopper window.  But I would still like a sliding screen door for the balcony door.  These mosquitoes are KILLING me!)

– New roller blinds (not even attempted)

Rug for living room (This was soon after accomplished, once I found the rug, it was just expenditure!)

– Wine rack (the search continues… the only one I like is this one… all the way in the US)

Hard & Cheap

– Window film (have been in contact for a quote, waiting to hear back now that we’re in the new year)

Perspex sofa arms (Pricier than first expected, so I only got one fabricated, at about $60, but it’s great to have a stable place for a wine glass/plate/laptop or pad of paper.  So pleased I did this)

– Shelves to cover niche (ah… well now there’s not shelves, but a shutter.  But it’s not totally screened yet :s)

Fix damaged corner on ottoman (This was EASY once I got all I needed from the hardware store!)

– Recarpet niche (no movement on this one – seems I lost the carpeter’s number from last year, and finding a handy man for such a small job, impossible.  Carpet comes from mega companies and their minions install it… sigh!)

Hard & Pricey

Curtains in bedroom (really not all THAT pricey – Ikea’s Kvartal system, and existing curtains.  This took so long to get done as I needed to await YHL’s favourite gauzy curtain, the Vivan, to come back in stock.  Then I needed one more velvet curtain, but alas when Ikea got them back in stock they were a different colour and style.  So then I have worked around.



The velvet curtains from my flatting days have returned!

The velvet curtains from my flatting days have returned!

Bed ledge (again, not as $$ as I thought, with a $50 second hand bed and the right hardware and Mr DIY, it was DONE – here’s the post on how!)

The final product

The final product

Bath resurfacing (This was a case of book, and do.  And be disappointed.  It’s just not bright white.  Or smooth)

Install new taps (Just a case of getting the coin together and booking a plumber and a day off – all coincidently the same day as I met a lovely blogger, Colleen Marsden from

Display Hermes scarf (This was a drawn out process, to draw out the cost (ie the framing cost more than the scarf, which was a graduation gift, but getting no wear.  Then operation ‘hang’ – cause it was 10kg with perspex.  Last thing I want is something falling off my wall!)

Safely on the wall (and horrible lighting...)

Safely on the wall (and horrible lighting…)

The scarf in context (complete with Mr DIY's back!)

The scarf in context (complete with Mr DIY’s back!)

Find side table for living room (A closing down antique store I drove past during work one day had just what I needed.  It was $50 I was told.  I was SO pleased to find the $275 sticker when I got home.  See the business was closing down and the caretaker just wanted to move stuff, and we couldn’t find a price on it at the store.  So yay for solid wood, non ikea AND a great steal!)

– Bird cage display (yep, still on the current list – not done)

Jan 2011

Living Room

Choose couches (oh I love these beasts, every time I see them in an ad, I think, wow that’s a LOVELY sofa – and it’s like sitting on a cloud or a hug)

Choose lights and placement (went for an Ikea Maskros PS which I love, and just recently inspired a friend to buy the smaller option)

Choose paint colour (and style – like stripes?) (stripes just seemed too hard, so just went for an all over yellow tinted white, to lighten up my dark apartment)

Choose rug (this took FOREVER as Australia doesn’t really do geometrics, which is all I pined for and saw in the US.  In the end, Ikea came through, in blue tones that I love.  Sad to see it $200 off in the latest sales though)

Collect TV (thanks to friends who have three for two people!)

– Hang or install shelves to display birdcages (still lingering in my mind, but instead of 7 ornamental birdcages, I now have three, so it’s more manageable, but less impactful)

– Steam clean dining chairs (never happened – did try some spot cleaning with isopropyl alcohol)


– Where to store Kitchenaid/grater (wow, big fish to fry – in one of my underutilised cupboards…)

Buy microwave (again, just confirm measurement, and ORDER – simple, and slots into allotted cupboard well (even if I did remove have to remove the door to get the microwave past the hinges!))

Design lighting scheme (thank goodness for being able to see if a dish is clean whilst washing up – this was an amazing project to get finished!)

Fix stove knob (multi stage drama – new knobs didn’t cut it, I also needed a new post, which came with a new regulator.  And then the new knobs didn’t fit on new post properly (so the new knob sits higher than the others.  I’ve ‘settled’ for this – it’s all functional)


Buy washing machine (this was early days – I just needed to decide on brand etc, and order)

Replace damaged tiles (Impossible to find the matching colour, so now have three ‘feature’ mosaic tiles, and they look great.  Admittedly, they aren’t flush cause it was too hard to get the old adhesive and grout out of such a small space without risking more damage.  And then the new tile adhesive/grout combo was stark white, where all the other grout was greyed.  Enter ‘re-grout bathroom entirely’ project, commenced at 9pm one night when work calls meant I was locked out of a concert.  Wow, what a night that was!)

New soap dish (for old scummy uncleanable one) (Such a simple fix!)

Buy new taps (Thanks Aldi, $50 per set was a GREAT deal)

– Build in shelves or a rail (went for a rail option – with tension.  Meant no scary drilling of tiles)

– Mount iron and ironing board (abanonded, turned out to be a bit of effort for little gain – I tuck the ironing board into the space between shelves and the wall, and the iron sits on said shelves)

– Resurface bath (what a shmoozle – did it in July, but entirely unhappy with the colour, texture etc and have followed up with the company, still waiting to hear back after the Christmas holidays)


– Beside tables? (dreamt up a bedhead/ledge idea, and continued to use the cardboard storage boxes used for years prior!)

Paint colours and style (went for the same as the rest of the place)

– Try storing books on railing (nope, they’d fall, and they look untidy to me)

– Shelves to cover niche? (went with some shutters I found in the Op Shop up the road)

– Curtain divider (oh, man alive, does this make SUCH a difference to my sleep… but also impeded the hot air of the loft bedroom escaping.  Not that I regret this decision!)


– Install new tapware (it happened – and then I felt flat, as it seemed the last ‘big job’ on my list!)

– Drippy sink fix (yes, though with two unprofessional attempts and two professional attempts!)

– Attach washing machine (are they required? No they weren’t)

– Install garbage disposal? (nope, decided against this with just one sink)


– Powerpoint near entry (no can do – just too hard!)

– Rafters light in kitchen (semi solution for the kitchen part of rafters area)

– See if old kitchen light location usable (nope, it wasn’t 😦 )

– Install pendant in either living or dining room (in the end, I got both!)

7 thoughts on “Make a list of house projects – January Cure @ Apartment Therapy

  1. Your right Dar, I certainly have achieved a lot in the past year or so – nonetheless the lingering items still get my goat! I’ll renew my efforts this week!

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