Operation: Bed Ledge

All I wanted was a bed ledge.  And for so many months, I could NOT find one.  Sure, Ikea makes a bed ledges/shelving unit for my style of bed (the Malm), but I didn’t want all that shelving-ness.  I just wanted ledge-ness.  I searched the as-is section with a fervor bordering on stalker (helped that Ikea is on the way between my work and my parents place, which I do at least once a week).  But never did I find an ‘as-is’ Malm 3 Piece bed head like below (I’m not sure I could have made it work anyway – cause as is can be ANYTHING).

Ikea's 3 piece bed head offereing

Ikea’s 3 piece bed head offereing

One day, in as-is, I found this:

Malm occassional table

Malm occassional table

If I overlooked the orange-ness (haha… sure, me, and orange!), it was still 22cm too ‘wide’ for a bed head ledge. And a few centimetres lower. It just wasn’t good enough.  It just wouldn’t work.  And nor would Ikea’s ledges.  Nothing looked like it would work (despite me seeing them make a catalogue COVER with a ledge behind the bed that was the SAME width – one of those mysteries I’m yet to have solved!).  I diversified to gumtree.com.au and ebay.com.au looking for occasional and sofa tables that might, by chance, meet all my measurements, and hopefully tone in with the wood.

And then… amazingly, something in my brain switched.  I wish I could remember when or how or why.  I undoubtedly it was with my MR DIY (not the BF, someone else, I like to compartmentalise).  What if I had a second Malm bed.  What if I used a second ‘head’ of a bed, against the wall, and jutted my normal bed out off the wall.  And bridge the gap with a ‘foot’ of a second Malm bed?  This would all measure up PERFECTLY.  And then: I found a Malm queen bed in the black brown for 50 big ones on gumtree.  It would be mine.  And it was.  I took a friend along for a ride (she was up for company, and I had a mission – and she was a sport… cause there’s two long ‘side’ bits to make it a bed frame… well we needed to NOT impale ourselves on those on our drive back… and so she helped me carefully dispose of them pronto!)

I carted the components into my loft, and then balanced everything out.  Which is FINE when you live alone.  And you sleep ‘carefully’.  But then, well, someone came along and it went boom crash!  So a securing system was needed.  Lengthy negotiations with MR DIY commenced.  And, to be honest, best laid plans didn’t succeed (we though we could out-Ikea Ikea – with dowels.  But ikea hollowed out the bed head and it was never going to work 😥 )  In the end, we just duplicated the L bracket scheme on each side.  Of course, I bought enough to do this initially, then we changed the plan, returned one set, only to have to go back and buy it again.  I’m a serial ‘returner’ of anything unused – waste not, want not!

Now for the photo essay:

Mounting simple L brackets to the horizontal ledge component

Mounting simple L brackets to the horizontal ledge component

Two 'legs' to my bed ledge - using a second Malm Queen bed head

Two ‘legs’ to my bed ledge – using a second Malm Queen bed head


Drilling into the ‘legs’ to later screw the horizontal ledge to the vertical leg (creating an upside down L)

Attaching ledge compenent to legs component

Attaching ledge compenent to legs component

Brackets attached to the 'rear' (wall side) leg and the ledge

Brackets attached to the ‘rear’ (wall side) leg and the ledge

Look at that ledge!

Look at that ledge!

Sid eview

Side view

Finished - complete with BOOKS!

Finished – complete with BOOKS!

My house may or may not resemble an Ikea showroom – what do you think?

Want to learn more of my tricks for making a small loft work for me? How about how I store all my jewellery beautifully, so I know what I’ve got, and I wear it? What about an innovative way to organise my spices?  Or maybe you’d like to see more of my house – see the house tour.

11 thoughts on “Operation: Bed Ledge

    • Thanks Pauline – I used to think an occasional table for b’fast would be lovely, but alas, then realised the incidences of breakfast in bed are frightfully low! I’d much rather head to a cafe

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  3. That looks really nice! I’ve never had a headboard or anything like that, but recently the boyfriend has been obsessed with wood so now he wants to get one. Never paid attention to them before, but they can add something to the bed/room!

    • It’s SO useful – especially with us always having a water bottle at night – this way we can share one without midnight reach over! And it was pretty easy and cheap to knock up. Here’s hoping it works at the new house

      • Oh that’s funny! R used to always keep a cup of water on his at night when he had his own bed, and now he just leaves one on my desk that’s pretty close to the bed. I always told him it was silly and he insisted everyone keeps water by their bedside. I never get thirsty at night, maybe I’m the weird one!

        • I only get thirsty at night if I eat out/take away or ready made sauces. They must have so much more salt than I’m used to cooking with! Guaranteed, if I have pizza, I’ll wake up thirsty! We use water bottles, so there’s little to no risk of spillage.


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